February 16, 2011

Nishino Kana's Distance Inspired Make Up Look!


I figured I would show you Nishino Kana's Distance look in her PV.

You can finds the look in here.

Sometime ago, I did a tutorial on Nishino Kana's previous single, Kimitte Make Up Look.

So this time, since I'm doing her look again, I decided to pick the one that is more different than the previous one.

It's not the perfect look but I've tried my best to observe and create a look that is as close as the original look as possible.

Let's start!

Insert contact lens before eyemake.

Contact lens used are Geo Dolly Brown.

Apply Vanilla by M.A.C over your eye area. This is to brighten up your eyes.

Now apply Cork by M.A.C up to your crease. Blend the colour in a windswipe motion.

Next, using Bistro by M.A.C, apply from the outer corner and gradually work inside. And for the bottom, apply on 1/2 of the outer corner. Slightly blend it.

This part is optional. I wanted a darker look so I decided to draw the bottom outer corner with black eyeliner then go over a layer of Bistro by M.A.C again.

Then, I apply on the outer corners of the top lid again to intensify the colours more.

Draw in top eyeline. For this look, I did not wing out the end too much.

Oh, and if you've noticed, Nishino Kana's eyemake are usually almond shaped.

Next step is to curl your lashes and apply mascara on top and bottom. I've used Maybelline's The Magnum Volum's Express Waterproof Mascara. Apply generous coat.

As this look's lashes seemed to look more natural in this look, it's best to stick to the most natural way.

This time, I used a pair of old lashes I have that I've not used for a long time. It has a more natural look.

Before sticking it onto my eyelid, I've curled them with an eyelash curler to let them really curl up.

Finished eyemake look.

Bottom lash are Dolly Wink No. 8 four strands eyelash (2)

Blusher- Rose Quartz by M.A.C
Lipstick- Myth by M.A.C
Lipgloss- Sweet inspiration by M.A.C

Not really in mood for pictures today, sorry.

When I was doing the tutorial today, I was constantly being disturbed by my mom. She kept showing me things.

Hopefully the next tutorial would be better. ^^

Examination is soon and I've got to study. But I'll spend some time to blog too ok? ^^ Because I know you would like to read them. And I enjoy it too!

Blogging as becomed one of my daily routines now. ^^ My mind just keep thinking of what post I should make. For that day or the future.

Well, one of my resolution this year is to blog more anyways! Hopefully by the end of the year I'll get advertorials to write! ^^ *waku waku

Lastly, one of the side view photos I took today. Ehehe...

Well then,

Oyasumi~! (^^)v


  1. I love this makeup!!
    Thanks for the tutorial ^w^/

  2. I absolutely adore Kana, I love all her songs! Pretty face and voice, i'm so envious of her! hahaha love the look, it turned out very nice :)
    Goodluck for your examinations!

  3. i can see ur camera in ur eyes. ^_^

  4. Tata- I love Kana too! Thank you for your sweet comment!

    super-rabbit- Thank you~!

    Jilliancat- Of course! I need to take picture of the eyemake to show it in the tutorial! :D

  5. Hey ^^ yeah I drew that valentine's boy
    thanks for your visit x