February 14, 2011

How to tie Ribbon Odango (Ribbon Up-do)!

Hello there~

Today I'm going to show you a hair tutorial!

It's my first time doing a hair tutorial so please be good to me~ (Yoroshiku ne~)

So... I'm going to teach you how to tie Ribbon Odango (Ribbon up-do). It's a very cute style!

Previously I've seen some tutorials on Youtube, Ageha magazine and several other places on the web however many of those tutorials didn't work for me. So I came up with this!

I remember last year when I was bored of studying for exam I started playing with my hair and eventually got this. And I thought I would share on how I did it. ^^

So let's start, shall we~

Item used
-1 Rubber band
-Some U pins and Bobby pins
-Hairspray (If your hair can hold it then you can skip this)

First, gather your hair high up.

For Odangos, The rule of odango 'height' measuring point is from your chin, in front of your ears and up. It's like a slanted line all the way up when you look sideways.

Then, use a rubber band, tie your hair up but don't pull through the last loop! The last pull will determine how big your odango will be.

Also, the leftover hair should be at the back.

Next, seperate the loopy hair into two parts and open them up. Can you see the 'ribbon' now?

Then, pin both sides down by using U pins at the points shown. Side, front, back.

For the ones nearner to the rubber band, you want to slide the pin under the rubber band for a tighter grip.

Now, seperate the leftover hair.

Seperate one small chunk from the whole chunk. This will be the middle of the ribbon.

Then, seperate the remaining chunk into two. You will tug these into the ribbon loop on the left and the right.

To tug them in, you will have to curl it inwards using your hand and stuff them into the middle of the ribbon loop from the bottom then pin then in. Make sure they don't pop out in front or on top!

Now for the middle part, bring it from the back to the front. It should be positioned between the two ribbon loops. Just like making a real ribbon! (^^)

Then, pin it down with a bobby pin. The remaining of the chunk should stick out in front.

To hide it, simply curl it in with your hand again and hide it in either the left of right ribbon loop just like how you tug the before ones.

And you're done!

I'm sorry that there are not enough pictures to explain the whole process in detail. That's because all pictures above are taken by myself without help. Unless I have three or four hands then I will be able to take all those pictures. Hahaha!

And that's my brother at the back watching Fairy Tail on Keyhole TV.

Back view

Ok, my hair kinda sticked out... (_ _)"

Today's eyemake

I was actually able to do a full eyemake in a short time for this tutorial today! Usually I take about and hour but today I think I took around 45 minutes! Yay~

I really really hope that you learnt from this tutorial. I will try my best to show you more hair tutorials and make them to be more detailed. (^^)

If there's any questions, comments or requests please leave them at the comment section as I will reply to them one by one. (^^)

Bai bai~


  1. I love your eye makeup and i love your hair <3
    So cute tutorial ^w^
    Happy valentine's day for you~

  2. Meri and Anni- Thank you! Glad you liked it :D Happy Valentines Day to you too! ^^