February 27, 2011

Gyaru Me2 + Gyaru & Gyaruo transformation + China tourists on Tokyo Kawaii TV


Yesterday while I was watching Tokyo Kawaii TV from NHK, I decided to take screenshots of the programme from my computer.

However, I missed out the last few parts of it because something went wrong with my computer. (; ;) But I will watch it again on this Thursday morning for a part two post.

Gaijin Gyaru spotted!

Saramari from America!

Saramari's room!

They also showed her checking her Facebook account. She has 600+ gyaru friends!

Big Gyaru Me2 webpage shown. Saramari received comments from countries such as Canada and America's gyaru stating how excited they are for the meet up and how much they want to attend the meet up.

Saramari before she lost weight!

Tourist around Shibuya! See how they are dressed in Japanese pop culture style!

Scene before this showed Saramari holding a Me2 sign so that gaijin gyaru that are coming for the meet up can spot her. She waited until 1.10pm yet no one showed up. However, she's not giving up yet.

Just then, Rox and Charlotte showed up!

For the next segment, they showed two gaijin gyaru and gyaruo fashion leader and they are going to help two person to transform into gyaru and gyaruo.

Yunkoro is invited to be a guest judge.

Jenny, the gaijin gyaru fashion leader is shown looking for passer-bys to be her model for the contest. She found a participant on her 14th try!

However, Alex only found a willing participant on his 60th try!

The guys are shopping for clothing items and then they went to get his hairstyle and make up done.

They were doing a pirate style.

The girls also went for shopping too. They were looking for a white furry napoleon jacket. After that, they went to get her hair and make up done too.

Third part of the show showed China tourist around Ginza. They bought items from famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry and more.

At Shibuya, some China girls shopped at Shibuya 109 and bought lots of stuff!

One shop in Shibuya 109 even hired a shop staff who speaks Chinese to be able to sell their products to China tourists!

That's a brief summary of this episode's part 1! I tried to remember everything they mentioned. So if I did missed out any parts, do tell me so I can add them in. (^^)

Second part will be up soon and I hope you enjoyed this post!

See you~!


  1. I want to watch kawaii tv on computer too. But when it's on air I have no time to watch it XDDD
    tuesday I have work an saturday I'm out with friends. So I have still to wait for the older episodes... =.=

    I really like your webblog and you are sooo cute!

  2. PetiteMiyuu- Awww... It's on Thursday by the way. At 1.30 am Japanese time. Also if you have NHK world premium channel (It's in English) it's on Sunday 10.30pm if I'm not wrong. But you can always check the schedule! ^^

  3. Thank you so much for making the synopsis, my mom was asking me what everyone was saying and I was like "I don't speak Japanese!" haha

  4. さらまり- You're welcome! My Japanese is self taught so it's quite limited. But at least I could understand some parts :D

  5. please !!! can u tell me where can i watch this online ? ♥