February 9, 2011

With and Without Make Up - 別人?! Different person?!


So recently I posted this image of me on Facebook.

And it got lots of comments and feedback and discussions!

People say I look different from my bare face (すっぴん).

Here's my すっぴん...

I'm not afraid to show it. ^^ There's a saying that goes 'There is no ugly women but lazy women'

So I believe that everyone can be beautiful too if they make effort.

Here is a scan from Popteen November 2010 where the models show their bare face.

They look very different! Some of them look normal, weird and sleepy too without make up.

Many people criticize people who put on lots of make up. They comment on how fake people look like wearing a mask and how they are cheating others on their looks. Which to me, is really mean.

You see, comparing people who wears make up to look better and people who undergo plastic surgery to change their looks permanently, which is better to you?

And here are some videos of some Taiwanese reality show where girls turn from ugly duckling to a swan.

What do you think of girls wearing make up? Let me know about your opinions! Whether it is a positive or negative comment, I would like to know why.

So that's it for today's post.

See you~!

Japanese words section
別人/Betsujin- Different person
すっぴん/Suppin- Bare face/naked face (as long as it is a clean face with no make up on)


  1. make-up really helps us to enhance our beauty, specially in photos... but personally, better to wear make-up than undergo plastic surgery just to be beautiful... you can check-out my photos too!


  2. Blair Villanueva- Thanks for sharing your opinion! Yes, make up is used to enchance one's look! ^^

  3. Aw, no I don't think there's anything wrong with make up! You still look adorable either way, and don't worry I have somewhat of a transformation as well.

    Ohh I remember that show it's really amazing - but those hosts can say such reallly mean things to the models without makeup >< too outrageous with their remarks.

  4. ことり ✜ kotori- Thank you for your compliment. The host are sometimes mean to the girls. But they are impressed by their make up skills!

  5. Wow I was surprised with the transformation. Some women are dying to go for plastic surgery just to enhance their beauty but I think you did it a lot easier with make up. Job well done! :)

    Tummy Tuck in Costa Rica

  6. Shannon- I would not go for plastic surgery. I'm not against people who wants to undergo it, but I do not want plastic surgery for myself. (^^)