January 20, 2011

Would a change be good?

Hello again!

Here's a recent picture that I took.

Some while ago, I decided to grow my fringe and try side sweep bangs.

But right now, I think I want that pattsun kawaiiness back. > < What do you think of me with side sweep bangs?

Also, if you noticed, I've tried sticking double eyelid tape to get a deeper and higher parallel double eyelids. But I think it made me look sleepy > <

I think I might cut my fringe back to pattsun this weekend for Chinese New Year! I want to look best on Chinese New Year so I'm trying to get everything I need and practice styles. It's once in a year right? Hehe. Also, mommy has requested for me to do her hair. Haha. I need to practice more styles!

I have lots of studying to do recently. Today's a holiday but I'm going to have a History test tomorrow (- -);;;

I tried doing a video tutorial on my foundation routine but I failed because I tend to do things like that slowly. I'll try to post a picture post, ok?


  1. You look super cute >w<!!

    I think straight bangs and side swept bangs suit you both, but you could always get those straight bangs who when curled turn into side swept ones ^w^

  2. super-rabbit- Thank you! ^^
    I know about that but my hair doesn't go along with the styling > <