January 24, 2011

Ojikawa & Obakawa BOOM!!! おじカワとおばカワBOOM!!!


Today I'm here to tell you about the recent Ojikawa and Obakawa style in the Gyaru trend!

I've got some scans from Popsister to explain it more clearly!

So, what is Ojikawa and Obakawa?

Ojikawa style is a 'English grandpa like style' plus the cute (kawaii) element.
Obakawa style is a 'Granny like classic style' plus the cute element too.

Lesson 01
The three main points

1. Classic yet lady-like
2. Overdressing with volume knit wear
3. Three dull colours combination

1. Brown as the 1st base colour
2. Checkered print
3. Selecting mannish items

Here are the must have items of Obakawa style!

1. Bow tie blouse
2. Retro bag
3. Gobelins item [It means items with rich pictorial design]
4. Passive colour leg wear
5. Rib knit wear
6. Loafer pumps

Examples of the style are shown by the models by combining

From the right~

1. Bow tie blouse + Gobelins item + Passive colour leg wear + Loafer pumps
2. Gobelins item + Rib knit wear + Passive colour leg wear + Loafer pumps
3. Bow tie blouse + Retro bag + Passive colour leg wear
4. Rib knit wear + Retro bag + Passive colour leg wear + Loafer pumps

As for the Ojikawa items...

1. Simple shirt
2. Checkered print jacket
3. Oxford shoes
4. Passive colour hat
5. Grandpa pants
6. Trad vest

Examples shown from right to left

1. Passive colour hat + Checkered print jacket + Simple shirt + Oxford shoes
2. Passive colour hat + Uncle pants + Oxford shoes
3. Checkered print jacket + Trad vest + Oxford shoes
4. Trad vest + Simple shirt + Oxford shoes

I'm sorry but I don't really know how to translate this part... but I'll try my best. Hope you get it!

From the top right...

- Using Retro A line one piece to create Obakawa style!

Top left...

- Warm knit wear item....?

1. Focus on white knit wear and lesser on other oba style items

2. Chiffon wears that brings cuteness....?


- Using antique items for that vintage feel power up

1. Highly designed bag with simple coordinate accent

2. Retro knee up skirt that brings freshness to the look....?


- Brown and dandy style coordinate is recommended

1. Overall adult suite's colour is important!

2. Chic comfortable dolman shirt with black brings out the mannish look!

Bottom right...

- Prints on prints style impact plus!

Bottom left...

- Use grandpa's instead of uncle's vintage accessories

1. The shape of the necktie...

2. Beret & loop tie make you look like academic Ojikawa style

And that's it!

This post took me so long to translate and put them into sense.....

I'm really sorry that my Japanese language skills are limited so I couldn't elaborate more on this post. I'm self taught and I'm learning more and more everyday!

If there are any corrections please point them out so that I can change them!

Personally, I find this style really cute! I like both Ojikawa and Obakawa! Which style do you prefer?

Hopefully you enjoyed reading them! That's it for now!

Bai bai~

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