January 31, 2011

My outfit and eyemake on 29/1/11 +Cross-eyed Opossum


I'm sorry for the lack of updates! I was so busy till I didn't even have time to go online.

But I did took pictures despite that!

So here's my outfit on 29/1/11

I wore this dress to my parent's company dinner.

And this is my new room wear that I got from my cousin. It's really cute and comfortable!

Here's my eyemake for that day. It's Neko me.

I'm not sure where I read from, but Neko me is getting popular recently so I tried to wear it out. Hehe

And a few photos of me~

I'm finally able to successfully wink with my other eye open!

Hengao (Weird face)

If you have read about the news on the cross-eye opossum, I'm sure you have seen te picture at the corner. When I show my mom that picture she was telling me how weird it looked. So I pulled off that expression and she was laughing. Lol!

And that concludes my short update!

I went shopping for some stuff for Chinese New Year but did not find all of the items I wanted to find. Hopefully I get to go shopping tomorrow so that I can get all on my list! I will make a blog post on that too!

See you~!

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