January 3, 2011

I'm going to drown..... I'm going to drown.....



(ж^□^ж)ノ Happy new year☆*゚*★

I'm sorry for not blogging the past few days. m(_ _)m

I was busy sending emails to Japan!

I've made a new friend from Japan and she's called Miho!

And also Kaho!

Also, my Japanese buddy, Yuki, finally replied my email after months of waiting! \( ● ⌒ ∇ ⌒ ● )/


That aside, it's first day of school. (∥ ̄■ ̄∥)

I can't believe my holidays passed by so quickly!

And I had to say goodbye to my 6.5cm - 8cm long nails... (counting the white part only)

I love you, my nails~

And I cut them..... It was quite hard to cut them since they were so long and with me trying to keep them cut nicely.

Me with short stubby fingers.

So today was the first day of school.

Here in Malaysia, when we enter Form 4, we will be streamed to different subjects. In my school, it's Science and Commerce.

I wanted to go Commerce but because I excelled in my PMR, I was put into Science class!

I know that many people are trying hard to get into Science stream, but I'm not interested in that at all.

Just as I walked in and sat down in the class, I could already feel that I don't want to be in this class. (´∩`。)グスン

I've written a letter and hopefully I can go to Commerce class as my career path is more to that.

When you're forced into a certain class, don't you just felt like

You've just been pushed into a deep pool and struggling because you can't swim. And inside your mind you're telling yourself, 'I'm going to drown..... I'm going to drown.....'

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