January 16, 2011

Deco folder!


As I'm taking art class at school, we're given an assignment to decorate our artwork folder!

We had to make the folder from Manila card and deco it ourselves. Here is what I decorated!

First side was a Girly Sweet theme! It's kinda inspired by those antique-y style.

Second side was a Mysterious sweet theme! I would've have elaborated more if there was more time. Hehe

Here's the inside of the folder. I didn't decorate it much because I'm lazy. Hahaha

Unfortunately, my dear finger suffered a burn... It's now swollen. Hopefully it won't leave a burnt mark on my finger...

By the way, NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV is in Malaysia! They were filming about Gyaru. Cheesie and Audrey tweeted and blogged about joining them for the filming! I wanted to go so badly but I couldn't because I had to attend church service and I also have no transportation. I can't drive yet since I'm just 15+... I think this might be one of my biggest regret of this year! And it's just January! > <

Did any of you went to the filming or saw Cheesie and Audrey?

Also, Chinese New Year is coming soon! I'm excited about it already and have a few items that I would like to get for this festival. Hopefully I can get them before the festival! How are your preparations for Chinese New Year coming along? Hopefully you'll have a merry one!

It's a short post for today. I have school tomorrow. *cries*

Good Night!

Update: I brought the file to school to pass it up today and everyone complimented on it! I'm so happy! Yet, they kept asking me how come I have so much time to decorated the file and also finish my homework! ^^

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