December 6, 2010

Yesterday's outfit + Pavillion christmas set up


I'm sorry for not blogging yesterday. I was tired since I was out the whole day...

Here's yesterday's outfit. It's been so long since I tied twin tails. I still think they don't suit me (。┰ω┰。) Yesterday's outfit was very simple since I wasn't in the mood of dressing up nicely. (>人<) ごめん!!

A street entertainer at Bukit Bintang. There were a few of them there. They remain still and won't move unless someone goes to them to take picture. I took photo of the magenta glittered one only because..... I like pink. ( ̄w ̄) And if you take photo with them, it's RM2 each picture

At Pavillion. I love their christmas deco!

I had Shimino Crepe yesterday too! Mom ordered the mango one while I ordered the chocolate ice-cream and banana one. (●^U^●)

I have to rest now. My nose is bullying me. (I'm having flu)

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