December 28, 2010

Top 3 gyaru style inspirations


Just a few more days till 2011 ne~ > <

And it's more than a year already since my interest in Gyaru style started.

Many times when you look up to a style, surely you'll have a few models that you like. Let's talk about my Top 3 then~

My first gyaru style inspiration would be...

Okarie (Matsuoka Rie)!

Okarie only started to 'boom' in Popteen few months ago when she had her hairstyle changed to short hair. Well, now she's back to long hair. Also, she's the other model that made it to be featured on the cover of Popteen by herself in the picture only since Kumicky's cover marathon? (Nishino Kana's a singer, right?)

What do I like about her?
Hmmm... I like her eye make and hairstyle! And how successful she is with her clothing line, Ank Rouge. Not to forget too, she inspired me to blog more! Hehe! And also I got ideas to blog through reading her blog! Hehehe

Oh, do check out the portrait I drew of her! Okarie portrait

Alright then, next will be...

Kumicky (Funayama Kumiko)!

I must say that there are a lot of comments on how she gets on the cover of Popteen consistenly. But, she's undeniably cute.... > < People are throwing hate comments on how they are making her the next Tsubasa, but I think it's quite unfair to her since they're two different individual...

What I like about her?
Her hair, eye make and cuteness. > <
I actually cut my hair to her shoulder length hair because I liked how it looked... = = (But I don't think I'll ever cut it short like Okarie before she got her extensions...)

Follow up would be...

Mizukitty (Nishikawa Mizuki)!

Mizukitty is super cute! When she smiles, it makes you want to smile too!

What I like about her?
Of course, her smile! If you've noticed, her lips is slightly thicker on the bottom on one side. But, I think it's really cute! She looks really Moe too!

That sums up my Top 3 fashion inspiration! I remember when I started, I really likes Suzuki Nana... but I don't think her eyemake suits me though. It makes my eyes looked smaller instead... > <

I really want to know your Top 3 fashion inspirations! Not just gyaru style, any style! Do tell me in the comment section, or even better, blog about it and I'll check it out at your blog! I'm really excited to know yours!

That's for now, bye-bye!


  1. ur okarie portrait is OMG! SO REAL! you're talented!! hahahahaha...

    i love love love mizukitty~ <333333333

  2. Kelly_konomi- Hehehe! :D Thank you!