December 30, 2010

A sum up of 2010 + 2011 NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS

Hello again! \(○^ω^○)/

This is my last post of the year. 。゚(゚ノω`゚)゚。

2010 has been an eventful year. So, here I'm summing up what happened throughout this year. It took me a while to think back what has happened actually, since I had to arrange when those events happened [BAKA]σ(´・д・`)


-I hoped to be in the same class as Tenshi but didn't. (´A`。)


-My Fanart of Mirai-chan was commented 'cute' by Danny Choo v(>ω<)v

Actually, looking back at my old artwork, I don't find it cute anymore.... ( ̄ω ̄ )


-Got addicted to Pepakura

My addiction to stuff like that aren't long term... After a while I got frustrated on dealing with small parts and those rubbish caused so I eventually threw uncountable unfinished projects... = =


-Got new camera.

Nikon L19 which is the one that I'm using for majority of the pictures in this blog. I used to use my hand phone's 2 mega pixel camera which takes terrible grainy photos... Nikon L19 doesn't take crisp-clear photos. They tend to have that 'bloom' effect that I sometimes hate. I want better camera but I don't have the money.

-I started using vulgar words on my blog.

Ok, I got influenced actually. But I stop already. It's not very appropriate..... Right?

-I bought my first Dolly Wink eyelash!

It's Dolly Wink No.6, Baby Cute

-First time crying so much while watching a drama series

One Litre of Tears. If you haven't watched it, WATCH IT!


-Plaster Bagworms invaded my room

I got rid of them for a while but now they're back. Ok, I need to clean my room soon.

-I won myself..... lingerie.

Ok, so embarrassed now... Actually, I never thought of winning Sloggi's blog competition with that little lame post. Hahaha. But you can't see it anymore since it's in my inaccessible old blog. Hehehe

-My old blog's 1 year anniversary


-Finally tried riding a mechanical bull! (Winning a Huge teddy bear too!)

It had been my wish to ride on one and finally did it and SURVIVED throughout the whole 3 minutes ride at my church's carnival! But I got cramps all over my body for A WEEK afterwards. If you ask me whether I still want to ride again, I might say yes. Hahaha

-I got school socks tan

And it's still there!!!!!!

-My first? make up tutorial

Popteen May GILFY section Rui's eye make


-Contact lens


My first time wearing contact lens! Time taken was 30 minutes. Hahahahaha


-First time ordering items online


My Jinbei ♥

-First time attending Bon Odori


Matsuri da yo~! I look sweaty and ugly in this photo... T.T

-First Purikura experience!


At Genting Highlands!


I can't actually recall events in this month! Let's see...
-My mum's birthday...


-I deco-ed my old eyelashes!


-Start of my new blog

It's the same URL as the old one because I changed the URL of the old one and changed this to the old URL's. It's very confusing... > <

-Second make up tutorial!

Cosplay Make up

-One of the happiest day of my life

Japanese Highschool Exchange! I finally met my first Japanese friend, Yuki!

-Trip to Penang!

-Super bad luck experience

I got terrible nosebleed during my school trip and also wet two of my Lucky Star manga and my Popteen May.

-Conquered the stairs of Batu Caves

-Attended Animangaki

-My Birthday!!!


-Second internet purchased item


My Rilakkuma hairband! People were teasing me for having a Rilakkuma on my hair. = =

-Uniqlo opened in Malaysia


My first time lining up in a long long long queue.

-Third make up tutorial

Nishino Kana's Kimitte make up look! It got the most comment! Haha!


-I finally finished my Kiyal Bachika cosplay!

-Got my PMR results

I'm dissapointed since I didn't hit my target...

That was such a long list... I actually archieved them from my old blog or else I couldn't have listed out so many! Hehe!

Ok, now for my 2011 New Year resolution after such a long sum up of 2010.

Since it's 2011, I made 11 resolutions. Hehe

1. Slim down

I think this is really common among everyone. Desho?

2. Sleep more

I'm seriously lacking of sleep. Ok, maybe not during hlidays since I can sleep till noon. Hehe. But I'm actually sleeping around 3 am every night. > <

3. Blog more

I think I'm already doing this this month. But I need to continue my effort next year.

4. Complete my cosplay plans

There will be three cosplay plans to tick off this year!

5. Control my spendings

I lost a lot of my savings in 2010 so 2011 is to save!

6. Learn more Japanese

I've slacked off from my self-study for a long time already. Time to study them again!

7. Learn more make up skills

I can't say I know everything already since there's always room for improvement. ^^

8. Show more LOVE toward GOD, family and friends

Yeah, and be more obedient and listen to my parents...

9. Reveal more secrets that I hid from my mum

Like I'm having the Kiyal and Konata wig and three pairs of contact lenses that I bought...

10. Get myself to be whiter


11. Buy stuff on my checklist.

I have to control my spendings but there are some stuff that I want too! But getting them in a year's time isn't too overboard right?

That's my 11 resolutions for 2011! What's yours?

Finally, thank you for reading my blog and those lovely comments. I love my readers! Let's have a great Pyon Pyon year ahead!


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