December 26, 2010

My Christmas in 2010

壁┃∀`*)ノ゙ こんばんは♪

First off, I'm sorry for not blogging the past few days. Christmas is full of events so I really didn't have the time to sit down and blog. ゴメンネ((人´Д`;

I will start with my Christmas eve~

My family and relatives had lunch together at an organic food shop in Subang.

Then we went to The Empire, a newly opened shopping centre at Subang Jaya. We had a break at this little coffee shop.

It had a nice atmosphere~

The Christmas decorations at the mall was beautiful. It was white-christmas themed, something which Malaysia can't get. Sigh

And I took photo with 'Santa'. He was giving out free sweets! Hahaha (●>v<●)

Now's on Christmas day!

In the morning I went to church for celebration. Then we went back home to..... open our presents!!!

Yay! These are the presents I received! So many T-shirts!

This is my favourite one of all! It's so cute! I like the Rilakkuma plushie and umbrella too! \( ● ⌒ ∇ ⌒ ● )/ My mom has the same white T-shirt as the one I got from her~~! I told her I liked that T-shirt so much so she got it for me! ヾ(◎´д`)ノ Thank You!!

And here are the recent stuff I got!

Bitter Almond Kitkat that I bought from Shojikiya!

Meiji's Melty Kiss Fruity Strawberry also from Shojikiya!

It's in a really cute individual packing!

Wonka's Nerds Rope.

My brother was surpised by how the sweets are stucked together like a rope. ((●≧艸≦)プププッ

My mom said it looked more like a bracelet so I wrapped it around my wrist. (*´∀`*)ゞ

And I had Candy Cane yesterday~! But it wasn't mint flavoured so I quite dissapointed.

Oh yeah! I forgot to show you the Christmas tree that I decorated at my house! What do you think of it?

Anyways, I think my blogging speed is super slow. I take hours to blog! I need to clear my computer so that it loads faster so I can blog faster!

Also, school is going to reopen soon! I still want more holiday! Are you prepared for school yet?

Lastly, a belated

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