December 30, 2010

Mermaid hair tutorial + Gyaru pink look tutorial!


2011 is coming soon and it's the year of the Rabbit!

What colour does rabbit reminds you of? White, pink, brown, black... For me, it's PINK!

For this tutorial, I'm going to show you a Gyaru pink look!

Most of the time you see gyaru make up in brown or orangy colours. But it does not limit to those colours only! Gyaru make up is emphasizing on large eyes that makes you look Kawaii! So play with the colours ne~

So let's start with this tutorial!

A- Vanilla by M.A.C
B- Phase by M.A.C
C- The second pink colour by Parfums Christian Dior (It's the same as this tutorial's)
D- The pearly white eyeshadow by Shiseido The Makeup SILKY EYE SHADOW QUAD Q9(Lunar Phases Harmonie Lunaire)

Apply A around areas around the eye to give a brighter base to the eye make.

Then, apply B on the top and 1/2 of the lower eyelids. Concentrating on the outer corners. One good tip is to tap the colours on. Then blend the colour.

Apply C on eyelids and 1/4 of the bottom eyelids.

Lastly, apply D on the outer corners blending it to C on the lower eyelids and on the brow bone.

Draw on eyeliner. You want to create Maru me. Then, apply eyelash. Try to adjust the lower eyelash so that it creates a Maru me effect.

Blush on pink cheeks horizontally and apply pinkish lipstick and you're done!

Now on to the hair!

Seperate your hair into sections. For me, I usually seperate them into lower, middle and top. But if you have thicker hair, it's better to have more seperations.

Keep curling it that way and you'll have those Mermaid curls!

Mermaid curls are more to the Otona Kawaii look which means adult cute.

Hehe, I photoshopped my hair colour in this one. The photo reminded me of this picture of Hikari in Popteen.

Put on some Usamimi since it's going to be the Pyon pyon year soon!

Finally, two photos of me in Konata cosplay!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

See you!


  1. kyaaaa...u're so cute! really, I do love cosplay too~ and I got addicted to usamimi band..just like you~ hehe. I've been collecting it xD~

  2. Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린- Usa usa pyon pyon! :D