December 14, 2010

In the midst of rushing...

A big sorry to all of you for being absent from blogging these few days! I really want to blog, but I haven't got the time for it.

I'm currently rushing to finish the doujins and also my second cosplay. I will be doing Kiyal Bachika from Gurren Lagann on first day and Konata on second day. What got me most worried about is that my Konata wig hasn't arrive! So much to do yet so little time!

I want to show my cosplay preparing progress but I really don't have the time to photoshop all those photos. Sometimes i feel like regretting for doing doujins. (;^;) I'm not getting enough sleep lately because of that too. I hope they all are sold out soon so I can leave the booth faster. So help me buy them if you're going Comic Fiesta!

Have to sleep now. Bye!

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