December 15, 2010

Cosplay items DIY

*Pics heavy

Here's a tutorial of how I made the belt and the hair clip for my Kiyal Bachika cosplay

First measure out how wide you want the belt to be and draw out the shape.

Cut out the shape.

Next is the metal thing in front of her belt. Draw a rectangle shape that is slightly longer than the width of the belt with around one inch space on the top and bottom.

Cut them out and fold the one inch space inwards. Using a ruler will make the folding nicer.

Next is wrapping the rectangular with aluminium foil. There's a very shiny part and less shiny part. I used the less shiny part.

Wrap it up and make sure the right side is smooth.

Now draw a thin long strip. It should be longer than the width of belt but shorter than the metal thingy. The rest of it is to be folded.

Fold it and tape it to one end of the belt with double-sided tape.

One the other end, fold a part of it. Since it's a cardboard, using a metal ruler, go over the line you will fold a few times. Be careful not to use too much strength or else it'll break. Slide the other end through the end with the strip and it should hold the belt there.

Now tape the two folded ends of the metal thingy to cover the strip below. Keep in mind to tape them onto the cardboard only. Use a double-sided tape.

Tape the other metal thingy onto the other side and your belt is done!

It's not meant for long term use but I guess if you keep it well you still can use it for long term? Hehe!

Now onto Kiyal's hair clips!

I used two of these hair clips.

Draw a rectangular shape about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Wrap it up with aluminium foil too.

Now you will use a gun! A gluegun! >w<

Open up the clip before you glue it in case the slip sticks together and you can't open it later.

Apply glue on the part where the clip sticks to the cardboard only so that it won't get messy.

This is how it should look!

I took me about an hour to finish these. Hopefully it helped you if you were looking for tutorial like this~

I'm still a beginner at making items for cosplay. I want to make armoured wear so much but like the saying goes 'one step at a time' I guess I have to do more DIY first before I'm ready.

The next post will be on how to cut full front bangs for wigs!

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