December 20, 2010

Comic Fiesta 2010 Day 2 report


Comic Fiesta 2010 is over! I can finally rest before working on the next cosplays!

The first group I took picture of was Anada's group with their ever epic cosplay! You can expect yourself to be fascinated by them each time you see their cosplay~

Then, a God Eater cosplay group. Awesome props!

The Domo-kyun that captures everyone's heart~

A Vocaloid cosplay group.

Alois Trancy came to Comic Fiesta too! >w<

Tsukiyomi Ikuto cosplay!

Naruto cosplayers meditating in Comic Fiesta?! > <

Saber looking serious! ^^

I don't know what this cosplay is. Anyone who knows do post it in the comments section. Arigatou nyaa~

Dame dame Tsuna! Senpai is always doing the same type of pose! ^^;

Really beautiful cosplayer from Kuroshitsuji I think? I still can't figure out who this character is..... ( ' w ')?
Update: She's Doll from Kuroshitsuji!

Lastly a photo of Konata-chan!

I was kinda dissapointed as my wig did not arrive in time for my Konata cosplay. (Although I got more pictures this year than last year...) I hope my cosplay next year will turn out to be better! I'm planning for something different from usual~

Meanwhile, I shall watch more anime to get ideas!

This year's Comic Fiesta isn't as fun as last year though. The hall was too small to hold that number of crowd! I was sweating and was afraid that my make up might smudge. Hopefully something can be do about this!

Also, prices for doujinshi are so cheap! It doesn't really value much anymore. Doujinshi should be valued more since they are hard work of the doujin owners! I couldn't believe it when I saw on-the-spot commissions for only RM5! This is way too low! So, do appreciate doujinshi~ > <

Here are today's photos before I head out~

Today's eyemake is Maru me.

I drew the eyeliner like what Okarie does today and shaded my nose like what Marimo does! What do you think about it?

I should be heading to sleep now after working so hard! Hehe!

Good Night

P.s: I'm going to get rid of you Panda eye!


  1. The Kuroshitsuji character is called Doll. She's from the Circus arc in the manga. ^^

  2. nice cosplay..wandering where and when this comic fiesta your eyes by the way ^^