December 19, 2010

Comic Fiesta 2010 Day 1 Report

Day 1 is over and Day 2 is in a few hours time!

There was a large crowd at Comic Fiesta this year compared to last year! This time, Alexen and I have set up a one day booth. However due to my morning schedule stamped with tuition, I only got to go there at around 3.

Here are my bookmarks that I've prepared. Not much sale though. I should've done more Sebby and Mio! They were sold out quick!

Here are some of Alexen's badges and artworks. She still have a whole bag of these!

Alexen cosplaying as Himeji Mizuki from Baka to Test to Shokanju. Posing with IMAGInation poster mascot Panda

I didn't get to go around to snap pictures of cosplayers. Mostly those who passed by the booth. Madam Red and Griell Sutcliff looking really RED!

Sebastian and Ciel. This two combo cosplay is seen at almost all anime conventions!

Kagura from Gintama~

Umineko cosplayers.

Another Umineko cosplay.

It's Loke the Leo from Fairy Tail! He's my favourite male character in the series although he rarely appears. After I took a picture of the cosplayer, a friend of the cosplayer asked me whether or not I know what character he was cosplaying. I knew it was Loke and she was surprised since many thought that the character was from Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! I guess I really like Fairy Tail so I could tell hehe!

Ciel playing violin while...

Lizzy was being attacked?! It's a pun > <

Ah! Can't get full shot! Hopefully there will be better pictures tomorrow!


Today's picture

Not much eyeshadow and no bottom lashes since it's for cosplay. And black eyeshadow on the bottom 1/2.

Can't wait for day 2!

Good night for now!


  1. hehehehe! u are sooo cute when u smile =D

  2. how should i call you?^^
    nice to meet u~
    n thanks for the pics(maria umineko)^^

    aw~my wig bad~but 2nd day i did manage to style them properly~TOT

    my email~

  3. Anonymous- Call me Neko. ^^ I've added you on messenger. Can you contact me now?

  4. Woots.

    Thank you for coming to CF 2010.

  5. Serge Norguard- Sure! I support CF! It's my fourth time attending already~ ^^