October 4, 2010

Popteen May Rui inspired make up

5/24/10's post

It's under the GILFY section. I know I said that it'll be after the exam, I lied. But it's a good lie since it's brought forward. lol

I didn't have much time so I only did the eye make up.

Start with a clean face, BB cream, liquid foundation then powder foundation.



Start by lining your eye with a pencil eyeliner like this.
Remember not to draw too thick! Thick eyelining makes your eyes look small.

I know I got single eyelid on my right eye and double on my left. fml.
It's inverted in the photo.



Smudge the lining with the soft tip of the eyeliner and highlight brow bone with white.

Apply black eyeshadow with a pencil brush across the eyeliner...



Apply black again with a flat brush inside the eye socket area.


Blend it slightly into white.



Draw a thin line across with a liquid eyeliner. Extend it a bit around 0.7cm.



Finally, put on false lashes to bring out the look!

The bottom lash glue is not dry yet because I was in a hurry. Appreciate it!!!

I will update the post later with the lips part and the products used.

Don't ever do wear this look out in the sun! It'll melt in weather like Malaysia and you'll end up looking like a goth or a panda or even looked like you got punched in the eye. wtf.


  1. Seem like I should learn more, btw, what is your opinion about best eyeliner for waterline ? I did a search and came by this post, is it accurate ?

    1. Hi, wow, I didn't expect someone to land on such an old post on my blog! Right now I'm using Etude House's Proof 10 eyeliner and it's the best I've tried so far. It isn't expensive and last a long time. I tightline my eyes daily and I haven't seen much problem with it ^^