October 4, 2010

Popteen May 2010

4/18/10's post

Though it is still April, I guess it's time to know the fashion trend for May.
I've only finished reading half of it and I want to share it already. Anyways, I'm going to share on the interesting parts only... I'm sure many have saw that Kumicky is on the cover AGAIN. = =

It's alright actually, since Hello Kitty Kumicky is on the cover too.

The original design of Hello Kitty Kumicky is shown on the bottom left.
The art piece are focused on the little details of Kumicky. Her side parting of her fringe, tare eyes focusing on the three bottom lashes and her cheeks.


Framboise Kit Kat. Out on 12 April. Those who are in Japan are so lucky...


Bonjour! This spring, we will look into the two major French fashion.
France and Paris.


If you prefer the sweet look, go for the french style.
Laces, flower motif and pearl are an essential! Show off your legs and waist shape!

1) One piece
Style UP for mini sized people with one piece. White, Black and Pink are good choices!
2) Flower motif with Rose motif
Tiny flowers with rose patterns can make you look gorgeous and brings up the classic mood.
3) Front opening outer
A mini outer with front opening will make you look mori. Style UP with an outer mark.
4) Beautiful legs with high waist skirts
Achieve a beautiful porpotion with high waist skirts!
5) Ribbon accessories
Small ribbon accessories would bring up the whole look. Ribbon are always in!
6) Heels! not Boots!
Casual look with boots are NG! Choose pumps! Bring up the lady mood and show your beutiful legs. Be careful that their design have to look classical too!
7) Chanel monotone
Follow Chanel's Black x White style to achieve the high-class style of the French look.

As for the make up, it's always about big eyes. Emphasize on opening up your eyes top, bottom, left and right! Choose pink for cheek and lips.

1) Ruffle denim and rich-looking accessories
Chain clutch bags are a mustfor a balanced Mori look! Mixing with sweet style accessories like pearls and lace is recomended.
2) Scarfs!
One of the most important item of this season is printed scarf! Use it either as an hair or bag accessory or whatever you can think of!
3) Thin border lines to get the mairne look!
Go for thin border lines to achieve the french-y marine look! Match with some rich-looking accessories too!
4) Aim for adult beige.
For the playful look. Go with boots too!
5) Red items
Using vivid colours like red will give you an lady look impact on your rich style look!

As for the make up, go for the nudy look while emphasizing on the top eye lining!
Using a black liquid eyeliner, draw a cat eye lining. For the eyelashes, choose false eyelashes that give the natural look.


Denim Spring 2010~
No matter what, denim will always be an Mori item this spring!
1) Long Pants
'Naughty' pants, black denim pants, ants with rock motifs etc...

2) Outers and tops
Jackets, vests etc...

3) Short pants and mini skirt

4) One piece

5) Salopette and Rompers

6) Denim accessories and bags


GILFY's kawaii
- Flower motifs

- Lace

- Sweet checked pattern
- 2 pieces mori

- Summer accessories
~ Deco kawaii brooch
~ Knitted beret
~ Flat sandals
~ Summer material bags

That's it! I'm finally done with it. The pictures tells it all already.
I'm trying to get Rui's eyemake up look in the GILFY shot. So cute!

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