October 4, 2010

My Jinbei arrived~

Today I came home and a package from Osaka, Japan welcomed me. ^^


And inside...


7/9/10's post


I couldn't get a spot to take a full pic of it with enough lightning. My only alternative was to stand on the chair since I'm short. fml

As you can see, it's slightly oversize for me. It is M-L size and for people with height 154cm+. Fml for being a 150cm T T

Yet, it's really comfortable to wear! Especially when you're attending events like Bon Odori where you know you will sweat like a pig... Haha

I need to get the shoes, organza obi, fake flowers, make up items by next week! And need to practice curling hair. XP

Are you going Bon Odori? Can't wait to see you there!

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