October 15, 2010

Japanese High School Exchange


On wednesday, 41 students from Shimada High School in Shizuoka, Japan came to our school for an exchange program. Though it's a one days program but everyone made friends despite the language block.


My buddy Yuki is handing the camera to someone.


Where was I looking at???


Now this is better.

In the buddy system, we were randomly matched with our Japanese buddy. There were some dissapointment to some as they were targetting the leng zai... = =


Whilst teaching Yuki and Mariko how to play congkak. They don't understand anyways ( ̄▼ ̄)
Madoka in curly pigtails, Yuki on the left side of the congkak and Mariko and the right.

It was very hard to communicate. They are bad in English, we are bad in Japanese. We had to show sign and break down the english words into the simplest form to communicate. Somehow, I felt useful that day for being able to speak simple Japanese... ゜+・(о´▽`о)゜+・ Yuki complimented that my Japanese was good too. (`・ω・´)vイェイ!



Yan Wen teaching Madoka to play a tune


Mariko and Yuki


Lunch time. Itadakimasu! It's actually my first time seeing Japanese saying the phrase before eating. They really said it!

Showed some pictures of my brother and Bon Odori in Malaysia to Yuki and she was surprised that we have Bon Odori in Malaysia. Yuki showed me photos of her playing Gashapon too.

After lunch, there was a basketball match. I hope to get those photos soon.



Last few pictures before they left.


Group photo

I regret for not taking many pictures. Too busy talking and watching. Anyways, photos were not from me but my schoolmates. Mine are still stucked in the camera. I shall get more from Charmange.


Some japanese words
I'm full- Onaka ippai
I'm hungry- Onaka suitai
Hair braid- Amikomi
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter- Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuuyu

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