October 31, 2010

I am now 15


It's 31 October which means it is also Halloween!

And it is also my birthday!

Time passes so fast! I can't believe I'm actually fifteen already.

It feels so different. When you are asked about your age, you are going to answer 15 instead of 14.
Most people are happy about getting more 'mature' but I want to remain the same.
Maybe it's just that I enjoy lazying around like a kid.

Anyways, I'm so happy to have a good skin complexion on my birthday!


I am happy to get them, but I am not very excited like I used to already. I want to go back in time and be how I used to anticipate receiving ang unwrapping presents.

I guess it's just normal that you get less presents as you grow older. Treat me as a kid and give me presents please? lols

Perhaps I should start thinking about being more mature? But I like to remain as I was.


Anyways, mom showed me this poem. It's really touching that I cried a bit while translating. I'm not very good at chinese but I've tried my best to translate it.

When I am old...

当我老了, 不再是愿来的我。
When I am old, I am not the same anymore.
请理解我, 对我有一点耐心。
Do understand my situation, and have a little patience for me.

When I spill food on my clothes,
When I have forgotten how to tie my shoelaces,
Do remember when I used to teach you step by step.

When I keep repeating the words you are already bored with,
请耐心地听我说, 不要打断我。
Do listen to me, not stopping me.
你小的时候, 我不得不重复哪个讲过千百遍的故事直到你进入梦乡。
When you were young, I had to repeat the same story over and over until you fall asleep.

当我需要你帮我洗澡时, 请不要责备我。
When I need you to wash me, please do not scold me.
Do you still remember how I nagged you to take your bath?

当我对新科技和新事物不知所措时, 请不要取笑我。
When I am blunt towards new technologies and new stuff, please do not laugh at me.
Think about how I had patiently answered every or your questions.

When I no longer can walk,
Do reach out your strong hands to support me.
就像你小时候学习走路时, 我扶你那样。
Just like how I supported you when you were learning how to walk when you were young.

当我忽然忘记我们谈话的主题, 请给我一些时间让我回想
When I suddenly forget our conversation topic, do give me some time to rethink
其实对我来说, 谈论什么并不重要, 只要你能在一旁听我说
To me, every conversation topics are not important as I only hope you will listen to me
And I will be satisfied.

当你看着老去的我, 请不要悲伤。
When you see me wilt away, please do not be sad.
理解我, 支持我, 就像你刚开始学习如何生活时我对你那样。
Understand me, support me, just like how I did when you start to learn about life.

当初我引导你走上人生的路, 如今请陪伴我走完最后的路
I have taught you how to leap the path of life, right now please be on my side for my last journey
给我你的爱的耐心, 我会报以感激的微笑,
Show me your patience and love, and I shall smile gratefully
With a smile that shows my unbounded love for you.

I love you my parents ♥

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