October 29, 2010

Halloween is near!

It's like the only time where you can dress up in public (not conventions) and getting sweets too is Halloween. Though Halloween is supposed to be on my birthday, I have NEVER celebrated it before.

I guess this is just normal here in Malaysia. Halloween's getting a little bit more attention only the recent years.

I've longed to celebrate this day, 31 October. Not just for my birthday, but Halloween itself. Maybe it's because I WANT SWEETS.

I'm hungry now anyways.

I've been collecting stuff for the day recently, and am very tired when I come back home. Which is why I was not in the mood for blogging. If you have seen my poupee, you would probably think why all of my recent clothes posts are orange, black, white etc. themed.

That's because I can't wait for Halloween!

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