October 24, 2010


Since I haven't been updating frequently. I was on a trip to Penang recently. My pictures are still stucked in my camera. I'm really sorry. If I am to do a post using other's photos, I would feel bad about it again since I will not complete my post all by myself.

I'm going on several more school trips, so it's a really busy time right now.
Other than trips, I have to help prepare for school's canteen day, go Uniqlo, start on my doujins and and... Ah! There's so much to do!

Anyways, I've been crying these past two day... Since I was having mega bad luck last half of this year. *sobs

My grades dropped tremendously, I don't even know whether I can get 7As or pass the entrance exam or else I'll have no school next year...

My computer got virus so I'm using my brother's mini laptop. the blinking thingy somehow jumps when you type. So it's really bothersome.

I got nosebleed on the third day of the trip. And I wet my mangaS and magazine when I was rushing to the toilet. My mangas!!!!!!!! Oh, now I hope that I get that as my birthday present... Lucky Star Volume 1 and 6 btw~ I'm so greedy? = = They look like that textbook the little brother stuffed into his schoolbag or worse.

Sobs sobs sobs.


  1. Aww poor you, really hope your luck turns around soon :)

    Still at least you managed a trip to Uniqlo - did you treat yourself to any new women's clothing?

  2. Annabel- I think it's starting to turn, just a little bit though. I got some items at Uniqlo! I need to blog about it soon. haha!