October 4, 2010

Big eyes exercise

6/8/10's post

Ever wanted to know how to get those bright, beautiful big eyes like hose Japanese models you see in magazines?

I'd recently came across this section in Nicola July on getting big, bright eyes.

Before proceeding, please pay me for translation fees...
Joking, joking~

So yeah, a survey was held on celebrities who have big eyes. Topping the list, Tsubasa Masuwaka followed by Becky then followed by Kitagawa Keiko.
The other survey was on the percentage of people who wants to have big eyes. 93.2% were YES while the other 6.8% was NO.

Massages and eye exercise in the morning...


Waking up in the morning, looking into the mirror... Ah! Puffy eyes!
Get two towels, one soaked with cold water while the other one with lukewarm water.
Put the warm one on your face for 30 seconds then the cold one for 30 seconds too! This will help with your blood circulation. Repeat this several times.
Lastly, massage your face.


I don't know how to translate this but it's quite obvious judging from the pics...


Spoon massage!
Maybe you have come across this somewhere on internet, magazines or newpapers etc... but it's really easy and relaxing. Though I would not guarantee whether you'll be able to open your eyes right after putting it on your eyes!
Take out spoon from refrigerator. Place it on your eyes like in the picture for 10 seconds.
Then change the angle like the picture shown.
Massage under your eyes in circular motions.
Place finger at spot with a little pressure for 10 seconds.

This massage is good for panda eye relief!


Fringe makes eyes looks bigger!
Also, eye exercise for bigger eyes~
Look up, down, right and left. Repeat for several times.

Now, for the night massage and eye exercise...



Getting rid of fats around face?
Starting from the top [pic 1].
Move slowly down [pic 2] for 10 seconds.
Then work outwards to move the 'unwanted stuffs' away...
Finally, work inwards towards ears then neck to move them away.


Small face and big eyes
Pull a constipation? look.
Then wink with both eyes.
Last, pull a shocked face to open up the pores.

Also, try using a cotton bud and go over eyelids in left to right, right to left motion for 30 times everyday to get double eyelids.
Avoid drinking water or eating an hour before sleep.
Applying mask for eyes are a good choice too.

Optionally, you can try using eye talk. Video explains it.

I received a letter today. I normally don't get any letter in the mailbox. Usually they will be electrical bills, water bills, phone bills, advertisements etc. So getting a letter is something I anticipate.


It's from Ciba Vision.


And what's inside was a letter and... 3-day trial lenses!



A closer view.

I haven't try them on yet because I'm planning to try them on when I get to go out. hehe.

Looks nice, don't they?


  1. the make the eyes bigger exercise... does it actually work? like have you ever tried it and seen results? thanks :)

  2. JaneUffie- I don't do all of the exercise... (^^;) But the one where they used a spoon to get rid of dark eye circles, I find that it brightens up your eyes and reduce puffiness too. I always do that the next morning after watching some sad movies and they puffiness goes away pretty soon. :)

  3. The cotton bud thing really works! Only for a few seconds but I kept on doing it furiously and it did for one eye. Im working on the other one
    Thanku for this helpful information! ^v^

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