October 14, 2017

Tokyo, Japan 2016 | Day 7: Retro Arcade

レトロ商店街 (Retro Shoutengai) at DECKS instantly transport you back to the past as you walk in. Showa era posters are plastered on every corner, lots of dagashi shops around and shops selling all sorts of random goods. But best of all is the Retro Arcade which has lots of old arcade machines you can play with! This was the best part of my trip to Odaiba. I really love the nostalgic feel here and it's so colourful and fun everywhere :D

Dagashi for sale. Misato told me these aren't the cheapest you can get in Tokyo but it's still okay to buy some and try. I got a few as souvenirs for my friends too.

Entrance to the arcade!

Wani-wani is one of my favourite arcade games. I get really competitive when it comes to this game. Even though it hurts to hit it with my hands I still do it because I want to get the high score on the machine! I played 2 rounds but in the end I was a few hits away from the top score :(

The place is really good for photos, I was taking more photos than playing the arcade games lol :P The games are usually 100yen per try so it can get a little costly especially if you convert it back to ringgit :/

Afterwards we just went into one of the shops that sold random stuff to look around before leaving for dinner at Mcdonalds that night.

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