October 7, 2017

Tokyo, Japan 2016 | Day 7: Odaiba

Asakusa is relatively near to Odaiba. From Asakusa, take the train to Shimbashi station then transfer to Yurikamome line to get to Daiba station. Alternatively there are other ways to get there, such as by boat or bus but we decided to take the train that day.

It was my roommate in Airbnb who suggested that I make a visit to Odaiba since I was already going to Asakusa in the morning. She told me about a retro arcade that I must check out, and indeed it was really amazing and I took lots of photos there, and that will be in the next post of my trip. ;P

Arriving at Odaiba the first impression I got was that this place feels a lot like the setting in Akira! Because the man made island was built in the past in an image of futurism, thus it carries the Neo Tokyo feel.

First of all I wanted to check out the 1:1 size Gundam at Diver City! When I visited last year it was still the old model, soon afterwards they took it down and rebuilt a new Gundam which looks even cooler.

I hope I could look all mighty like Gundam but I just look so funny here lol

Every detail was built so nicely, it's just so amazing when people bring anime illustrations into life.

Next we headed over to Fuji TV station to take photos of the building.

Watching the sunset at Odaiba.

Ok, so I totally forgot that One Piece is aired from Fuji TV plus I was quite bummed out that I couldn't visit the One Piece Tower in the morning. Little did I know that there is an official One Piece merchandise store at the TV station! Also, years ago I read online that they had an actual replica of Going Merry here but now it is gone and only Merry's head is kept here as remembrance. If you have watched One Piece then you'll know how sad it was when they parted with Merry. :')

Luffy and Chopper were there too! Kyaaa--- so happy to see the straw hat members!

The merchandise store was so much fun, but things can be a little costly since they are official. I decided to get a Sanji folder since he's my favourite and it has been sitting in my shelf all this time. I just can't bear to use it :P

The store also had other iconic Fuji TV series merchandises sold there, but their section is relatively smaller than One Piece. I find the crossover of Dragon Ball and Dr Slump really cute!

We left Fuji TV station and head over to DECKS where the retro arcade is located at.

There was a rainbow stairs outside and it was so hard to take a good picture since there were people going up and down. Also, since Odaiba's an island, the wind gets really strong at night making it freezing cold.

I skipped the part where we went to the retro arcade, which will be in the next post so do look forward to that~

Spotted a Pompompurin photo area with Rainbow bridge in the background♥ Oh by the way if you have more time to visit Odaiba, be sure to check out SEGA Joypolis which is an indoor amusement park. I really wanted to go but it was quite late already plus we were both tight on budget on that trip.

Finally ending the day with Mcdonalds. I swear like every country I visit I will definitely try my best to eat at a Mcdonalds because the menu and the taste of the food is different in every country! I'm a loyal fan of Mcd hahahaha! Japan's Mcd had Melon Soda in its drink menu and the they had character illustration of their employees which was so cute ♥

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