October 4, 2017

Tokyo, Japan 2016 | Day 7: Asakusa

Originally I wanted to post this up earlier but I was away on a short trip to Singapore and only got back home yesterday. Singapore was great, I had lots of fun meeting my friends and shopping for craft materials. However, prior to the trip I was down with fever so I was pretty sick the first few days while I was there, but hey, at least I was still able to hang out with my friends even while having runny nose and cough lol :P I hope you all didn't mind hahaha! This morning itself I woke up with really dry throat, a little sore too, so hopefully I'll be able to recover fully soon.

On the seventh day of my trip we went to Asakusa in the morning, but not early enough to beat the tour group crowds. Sensoji temple is beautiful but you won't be able to get any nice photos without tourists in the shot unless you plan to sacrifice some sleep for that shot.... in which case we chose sleep over photo lol

Long stretch of vendors leading to the temple itself.

If you walk around the areas on each side of Sensoji temple, there are lots of interesting shops and restaurants around. There was even a shop that sold vintage kimono pieces around 1000 yen if I did remember correctly. While we were there, Misato and I were surrounded by some eager tourists who snapped photo of us non stop as we walked around the area which got quite irritating after a while because I felt that it was pretty rude to do that when we were trying to enjoy ourselves.

I feel you man, there's just so much smoke hahahahaha~

We went to the main area of the temple to take some tourist shots and also I tried an Omikuji. I was stingy and didn't want to pay for it lol but I still got Good Fortune ;)

There was a wedding ceremony held right next to Sensoji temple.

Oh! And just before we left, I saw a tree with really beautiful flowers and turns out that they are called Yaezakura. Unlike typical sakura trees, these only starts to bloom in late autumn to winter. Then I was thinking is the half-luck/ good fortune omikuji referring to this lol :P

Soon we left Sensoji temple and went a few streets down to get some delicious matcha ice cream. You can probably google up this place and it's famous for its 7 level matcha ice cream. There are 7 levels to choose from, mild to really thick matcha flavour. I got the level 4 one and it was really good, while Misato tried level 6 because we were a little hesitant to try level 7 in case it gets too bitter. But 6 was good too so maybe next time we'll get the level 7 one.

About 10 minutes away was the Imado shrine where there are lots of cat figures around it. It's relatively small but a nice quiet place to visit nevertheless.

Saw Tokyo Tower from afar. I didn't get to visit it this trip as I had plans for other places to go and my sole purpose of visiting is for One Piece tower but Misato isn't a fan of the series and I felt bad if I made her go with me :X Will definitely try to visit it the next time I visit Tokyo!

On our way back to Asakusa station we passed by a Taiyaki shop and I was so excited since it's my first time having it. The shop was called Ninja Taiyaki and they had May'n's signature posted up at their counter! Look at my happy face holding my Taiyaki lol XD

And before we leave Asakusa, here's a photo of the famous golden turd :)

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