September 9, 2017

Tokyo, Japan 2016 | Day 4: Shibuya and Shinjuku

It's been a while, but hello again! Lots of things happened lately, mainly on my career, and while a Life Lately post is a good idea for me to explain things in detail, right now I don't feel like writing about them here yet. At the same time I've been focusing more on cosplay so I've been busy sewing and making props for the past 2 weeks. (Will write about the process for sure once it's done.) At the pace that I'm taking, I'm guessing I might finish blogging about it next year, but who knows hahaha~ I'm so lazy to edit images and I'm constantly giving myself lots of excuses to work on other things or just play games all day :P I recently bought a new laptop so I've yet to adapt to the new screen colour output for editing images so do let me know if the photos in this post looks alright on your devices. ^^ Though the seller told me that hp laptops has the closest colout output to print materials for windows operating system lol

Day 4 of the trip I went to Shibuya 109 by myself in the morning then met up with Misato around noon. Shibuya 109 is known as the place where gyaru shops for their clothing, shoes and accessories so naturally I had to see it for myself since I used to be a huge follower of the trend back in my teens. When I got to Shibuya station I was pretty lost on which exit to take and simply followed the crowd till I saw the 109 building hahaha XD


Inside the shopping mall I didn't take photographs since I wasn't sure if it was allowed, and also I was busy browsing and shopping. I actually didn't buy much here, perhaps the styles were a bit too girly and demure for my style now? I think I still prefer to go Laforet hehehe~

When Misato arrived, I was starving since it was already around 2pm by then so I suggested that we go for Cococurry which was very near to 109. I have been to Cococurry in Singapore previously and the restaurants are usually pretty big, thus I was surprised to see that the branch in Japan is so small in comparison. The menu is different too, so I'd recommend to come and try it in Japan. I got the Katsu Chicken with Natto curry and it was the best Cococurry combi ever! I love natto so much and to have it in curry is perfection *v* Sadly when I went back to Singapore they don't have natto on their menu so I definitely will go back for Natto curry again when I visit Japan.

After lunch we hang out around Shibuya doing most of the touristy things before we head over to Shinjuku. First off I went up to the famous Starbucks above Tsutaya for that Shibuya Crossing photo, and sure enough there were lots of tourist up there too, photographing and enjoying their Starbucks drink.

Tourist checklist 02: To take a photo at Shibuya Crossing.

It was so embarrassing because I went back and forth 4 times, standing in the middle of the road while people are passing by to get a good shot XD

Tourist checklist 03: Photo with Hachiko statue outside Shibuya station.

Shibuya station has many exits so I had Misato guide me to the one with Hachiko statue hahaha~ My fringe is way too long as you can see so half my eyes were covered for the rest of the day (: Luckily I brought scissors and trimmed it at my Airbnb soon later hahahahaha

We went straight to Shinjuku after Shibuya but it was already dark when we got there, I really hate that it gets dark so early in winter D: According to Misato, this scenery has been featured in 18+ films?

*Sparkly Jumbo Pachinko*

Misato guided me along some alley with lots of mini bars and there was this particular one that stood out for its gorgeous decor. It was so tiny and hidden but it looks so nice.

Cute kitten spotted at a random pet store.

Crossing the street to walk over to Kabukicho area where all the host clubs and bars are gathered at. Basically the central of nightlife district.

A passing Love Live truck~

We first stop by at Donki to buy things-I-think-I-might-need and to buy things-that-I-can-give-as-souvenirs. (I actually don't remember what I bought there lol)

At Toho Cinema in Shinjuku, there's a Godzilla statue up above the building. Apparently you can actually go up there to take pictures with it up close...and I only saw it on someone else's social media after I was back from Japan.

Strolling around Kabukicho area you will eventually hear
'ロボット、ロボット、レストラン~~~ Robotto Robotto Resutoran~~~'
then you know that you're near the Robot Restaurant!

It's really loud and flashy and trust me, that silly song will get stuck in your brain for the rest of the day (:

The entry for Robot Restaurant is around 7000 yen per person and to be honest, for that price, unless you don't have other stuff to spend on (which is quite impossible lol), I'd say that you give this a miss (I heard the food is bad too lol). And for comparison, Tokyo Disneyland's entry pass is 7400 yen, that's for the scale of an amusement park with rides you can enjoy all day ;)

Gira Gira Girls Bar right beside Robot Restaurant.

Well, being the cheapo I am, all I did at the Robot Restaurant was to take my sweet time to get a picture with the weird robots (which was free) and have passerby staring at me for sitting there long over a minute hahahaha

More sightseeing photos around Shinjuku

Misato brought me to some alley around Kabukicho for me to take nice pictures and the atmosphere here is really different from the busy streets out there. Love the mood that the green and red ambient light creates around the alleyway.

After the detour we were back to the main street.

We visited an arcade and saw this poor stuffed toy being hung by her undies lol. I love checking out the arcades in Japan, even if it's just to watch others try their skills at the UFO catcher. Soon after we head home because the next day is a long long day to spend at DisneySea!

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