July 14, 2017

Tokyo, Japan 2016 | Day 3: Shimokitazawa & Hanbey Izakaya

After shopping around Harajuku on the third day of my trip, Misato brought me around Shimokitazawa to check out a thrift shop and to meet her friend at a retro Izakaya. Shimokitazawa is a pretty hipster area a little away from the main JR line spots. There are lots of thrift store, market and places to eat and hangout.

Shimokitazawa station was undergoing some renovation when I visited, so I was a bit lost on the direction but I leave it to Misato to bring me around the area lol. Earlier the day we went to Raw Tokyo, a flea market that opens on the first weekend of the month, and now we were heading for a storewide 50% sale at this thrift store called New York Joe that happens on the first Sunday every month. It can get pretty crowded but you get to bring home some gems if you're lucky at a discounted price! I got a KTZ top here during my visit which you'll see in later post since I ran out of my own clothes to wear halfway throughout the trip (which I already expected it to happen because I didn't pack my luggage fully to load it with shopping hauls :P).

Walking around the streets of Shimokitazawa looking for the Izakaya.

Izakaya is a Japanese pub and here people flock to spend their time after work because most shops closes around 8pm. So nightlife pretty much involves drinking, eating or karaoke. The Izakaya we went to was called Hakuri Tabai Hanbey (薄利多賣 半兵ヱ) and it was located at the 2nd floor of the building. There are various branches all across Japan though the information on their site are all in Japanese, but I guess a little Google translating should be able to help you to find one closest to where you plan to go.

The pub is filled with Showa retro vibes and there's a waiting list to enter. Meanwhile you can sit down and take come photos lol~

Lots of Showa era decors with posters plastered all over the walls and figurines standing everywhere. The ambience and music matches the theme really well and it makes you feel really nostalgic. It's a really nice place to sit down and catch up with friends too.

I know it's a pub but I don't drink so I got this fun soda drink lol XD It's supposed to be sweet soda drinks for kids back in the days, but it's still something new for me hahaha. I'm childishly lame~

Oh also you can briefly see on the table the menu of the place. I didn't really know what was what so I left it to the others to order but you can see its price range.

Our table filled with food~~~ There were some food which I wanted to try like takoyaki, okonomiyaki yakitori and gyoza so Misato helped me to order those to share and they also ordered some more for me to try. I think there was oden and kushikatsu too. It was a great way to try out a variety of foods and if you're unsure what to order due to language gap I think you can always ask the waiter what are their recommendations (osusume).

That finally concludes day 3 of my trip and while I was editing halfway I realized that this day is taking way too long to blog because I went to so many places and took so many photos. My trip schedule was filled back-to-back everyday since I didn't want to miss out on any opportunities to explore Tokyo. It also makes me happy looking back at these photos and reliving the memories when I blog about them, plus it motivates me to work hard now so I can visit Tokyo soon.

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