January 3, 2017

Tokyo, Japan 2016 | Kawaii Monster Cafe

Kawaii Monster Cafe was on my must-visit-list. It was also Misato's first time visiting so I guess it's something new for both of us? Kawaii Monster Cafe is located at the 4th floor of YM Square building, or if you're unsure where Google Maps can be your guide~ Entry was 500yen for 2 hours per person and additional food and drinks order will be calculate together at the end of your visit.

As soon as we enter it felt like we just entered a psychedelic dimension, bright colours and crazy shapes accompanied by loud music. We were greeted by Monster friend, Ene (whom I was so excited to meet since I've been following her on social media) and was led to our seat at the Mushroom Disco area. I actually wanted to sit at the Milk Stand area but it's fine to sit anywhere because you're free to roam around and take pictures of the cafe.

The first thing you see as you enter is the magnificent Sweets-Go-Round which the Monster Girl and Monster Friend will perform on later.

Monster Girl Nasty was there at the cafe when we visited!

Monster Friend, Ene! I love all that she's wearing omg ♡ I actually wanted to take a picture with her but there was a film crew that day and they kept filming her around so I couldn't ask. But I'm happy that I got to meet her at least hehe~

The interior of the cafe is amazing, every single area is meticulously designed to suit the mood of the cafe.

There was also a bar area as they serve alcoholic drinks in the menu.

The bar area led to this pastel area of the cafe called Mel-Tea room. It's super cute too but you can't really see the Sweet-Go-Round from here. Right beside Mel-Tea room there's a door to the Pink Cat room but it was closed so I didn't get to see it. Ah btw the day we went there was an event at night so I think they set the lighting really dark and sat customers at the main area while they prepare for the event. I've seen other videos and images from other people who visited and it usually looks pretty bright. Though it was quite hard to take photos, it was quite cool that the entire cafe had this club kind of feel that day.

The food prices were quite expensive there which is expected so we shared them because we just wanted to take photos and have a taste. Colourful Rainbow Pasta (Painter)! The pasta was surprisingly good even though it looks suspicious at first with the crazy colours. The 'paint' sauces were really good too and I really like this dish.

Sweet potato monster cake. This was a time limited dessert and it comes with the drink options as a set which was slightly cheaper in total so we got this too. Initially we wanted to get the parfait but that one was really expensive. I'm not a huge fan of sweet potato cake so I didn't quite like this. The cake was pretty dry and the icing was so thick that it made it really sweet. The only thing I liked was the chocolate pieces lol. I felt quite bad because Misato ended up eating most of it :/

For the drink we got the Non-Druggy Cocktail (Experiment) because it was the nicest looking drink that was non-alcoholic lol. We got this since we're sharing and I don't drink alcohol :P You have to pour the 'chemical' yourself and watch how the colours blend together. The drink was not bad and I quite like it.

The food was served so early and we were too busy taking photos and exploring the cafe that we ended up rushing to finish out food in the last half an hour of our time there hahaha! Must get the right shots before we start eating since they're so expensive!

Also omg, the pasta matches my hair perfectly lol! It was totally unintentional but it's so funny to see the photo, as if the colours of the pasta palette has been magically painted onto my hair XD

We had such an amazing time there and I felt a little sad to leave at the end. Though considering the cost of visiting the cafe I guess I'll visit only if I'm with people who are really eager to enter the cafe. Hope you enjoyed looking at the crazy pictures and reading this post. My eyes got so tired while editing the photos because I kept staring at those neon colours during editing. Also, my laptop colour is less saturated compared to my phone which shows them as bright neon so I'm not sure how it turns out for you, do let me know so I can gauge how the colours turn out next time.

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