January 1, 2017

Tokyo, Japan 2016 | Day 1: Shibuya & Harajuku

Happy New Year!

Spending the first day of 2017 editing photos and blogging, I feel productive at the same time I feel really bored sitting in my room the entire day. I hope you're having a better new year than me hahaha! I enjoyed taking photos and looking back at them while choosing which ones to post, but I don't like editing photos as much because it's really troublesome lol. Some photos I ended up editing with VSCO on my phone.....so you know how lazy I am hahaha!

So the first day of my trip in Tokyo I planned to visit Harajuku (what else lol). If you read my previous post you would've known that the first thing I did after I landed was to wash my face then put on light makeup in the train, so my vain self said that I should also go get new circle lenses thus I visited Shibuya first to get circle lenses at Don Quixote. I was also too lazy to wash my lenses lol.

I reached my airbnb place around 11am so we ended up reaching Shibuya around 1 pm I think? I slowly did the rest of my makeup at my airbnb place which is why it got so late by the time we reached Shibuya.

As soon as I got out of Shibuya station, I saw this Haikyuu ad above Tsutaya and I told Misato to stop because I have to take picture of this hahahaha! The first day of my trip I was blessed with amazing weather and sunlight too *v*

Passed by the famous Shibuya crossing..... which wasn't that fascinating to be honest lol. I didn't cross it that day since I was heading another direction, but I did take a tourist photo there later when I visited Shibuya again.

Ads, buses, train and basically most of the things you see everywhere is just so cute. So kawaii.

I didn't take any pictures in Don Quixote because the space is pretty tight and there's always lots of people there, but after purchasing the lenses we decided to walk to Harajuku to get lunch. It was around 3pm already since and we're really hungry. There was so much to see in Shibuya and honestly I wanted to look around more but I was more excited to go to Harajuku on my first day~

Crossing some back alleys on our way there. While I was trying to take photos of the alleys, my memory card suddenly showed that it's full. 30GB of memory was full on my first day in Tokyo and I was devastated at that point. It was the photos from my project that took up all the space and I had to clear them all before I could take anymore images. Thank goodness though that I've already backed up the photos of that project on my laptop so I could erase them for more memory space. So in the end I didn't take anymore images until I sat down in the restaurant for lunch and erased around 700 images. (:

I guess I'll need to bring an extra memory card when I travel next time too. 30GB wasn't enough for this 12 days trip actually, and I had to back up my photos every other day and erase some existing ones so that I can continue taking pictures. Btw, I took over 1500 photos on my DSLR, over 600 photos on my phone and lots of video clips which I posted on Instastory during my trip...and I still wished I took more lol :P

We went to The Great Burger for lunch. Yes, it's western food in Japan but we chose to go there because that's one of Seto Ayumi's favourite restaurants hahaha! We did hope that maybe we will bump into her but no luck lol.

The restaurant had great atmosphere and music, and their lunch set wasn't too expensive either. It's somewhere around Cat Street, Harajuku so do pop by if you're interested! And the place is totally Ayumi's style ♡

The burger was super good, the bun was so fluffy and they grilled the meat patty so it wasn't greasy at all. They added cumin seeds into the salad and I really like it, my first time having cumin seeds in my salad. For the drink I got melon soda because Misato told me that I must try it lol.

So after lunch I wanted to wear the circle lenses I bought (which I will review later on) and because I was too shy to wear them while I was eating at the restaurant, we walked a little further and I just sat at a quiet staircase and popped them in lol. They're really vibrant and pretty actually, so I guess I'll have to take a better picture for the review. ^^;

The neon sign was really cute and there was a dessert shop upstairs but we were too full to eat anything else lol.

While walking to Takeshita Dori we saw this man with a whole pram of cats! They're so fluffy and cute! Apparently it's pretty common to see people bringing a pram full of pets around this area because I ended up seeing dogs and more cats too when I came back for more shopping.

I miss the clear blue skies in Japan, they make a beautiful background for photos. I was really lucky when I took this shot as there was a vapor trail just across Laforet.

Harajuku crepes~

We were too full for dessert since we just had lunch so we didn't eat them there but the shop was really cute to take pictures of. Don't worry, I had crepe on my last day before the day I left lol.

There are actually a lot of crepe shops around Harajuku so you don't have to rush and buy them at the entrance. Do take note that you can't eat in some shops so maybe you will want to have them after shopping.

Basically I just took pictures of anything I find cute throughout my trip so there are a lot of images which I took because 'It looks cute'. XD

Hi there, here's my #OOTD of the day~
Sweater top from Neon Moon, hand made checkered skirt, clear platform boots from Y.R.U and vintage reversible bomber jacket.

We visited W♡C which is one of my favourite shops now in Harajuku lol. The interior display was super cute! Thing is that certain shops you're prohibited from taking photos so sometimes I'm not sure if I can actually take photos there so I just sneak them with my phone. Japanese phones have shutter sound when taking photos which cannot be disabled but mine doesn't so it's less likely for me to get caught lol. But of course when the shop staff told me not to or if they have a huge 'No Photo' sign then I'll refrain from taking pictures there.

After that I wanted to take purikura so we went to one of the many purikura shops at Takeshita Dori. They have so many machines and you can see some girls are so used to taking purikura that they have this 'expert' feeling and we're like wandering around the selection of machines aimlessly. We randomly chose this machine that has Peco as the model but despite selecting the lowest doll face setting, you can see it edited our face so much that we're kinda freaked out by it lol. And the side of my face was butchered in the editing process XD

Short visit to Urahara because I wanted to see the 6% Doki Doki store. No photos allowed inside so I only have a photo of the bear downstairs as a prove of 'I was here'. :P The shop was small but really cool, and it was really pricey so we left empty handed. Oh, and the shop staff we met was Kanata :D

After visiting 6% we went to Kawaii Monster Cafe which I will share in the next blog post. It was really fun btw ^^

Since most shops around Harajuku closes at 8pm, we decided to head back to Shibuya to visit Village Vanguard before heading back home. Btw, the skies in Japan turn dark around 3.30pm to 4pm each day which is super early so throughout the trip I had to wake up early, rush to places I wanted to take photo of before sunset and continue any indoor shopping later on. Also, most shops in Japan open around 12pm and close around 7-8pm.

And that concludes my first day in Tokyo, Japan. I hope you enjoyed reading this post! And Happy New Year once again! :D

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