October 21, 2017

Tokyo, Japan 2016 | Day 8: Ultraman Town & Gotokuji

When I booked for my Airbnb in Tokyo, I didn't know that the neighbourhood that I was going to is also known as the Ultraman Town. The place is called Soshigaya Okura (祖師ヶ谷大蔵). My host told me that the studio that produced Ultraman used to be in this neighbourhood but now they have moved away. Even so, there are lots of Ultraman elements around the area which brings back so much childhood memories! Misato hasn't explored this part of Tokyo before so we decided to meet up at the station that day and see how many Ultraman related stuff we can find~

As soon as you exit the station, turn right and you will see Ultraman right beside the station exit.

The lamp post at the main street are Ultraman inspired!

Along the street there are even Ultraman banners flying above. The main street is pretty crowded with locals and there are a lot of tiny shops and cafes to explore.

We went off the main street to one of the alleys and entered this place which has a restaurant that operates at dinner time.

I stopped by this store and bought lots of snacks as souvenirs. I did so much shopping that I have to return to my homestay to unload before I go on exploring Tokyo for the rest of the day.

Ultraman themed cafe. If you're a huge fan I guess you can pay a visit for the fun haha!

Such a cute grooming salon! I love the exterior design of the shop ♥

At the end of the street, you can spot another Ultraman flying high above! There are lots of stuff to explore around the shopping area of the neighbourhood and it actually took us a while to find this. I won't say where it is so if you're really curious you can go an explore Soshigaya-Okura if you happen to have time while travelling in Tokyo :)

Afterwards we planned to visit Gotokuji temple (豪徳寺) which is famous for its Maneki Neko. It's along the same train line towards Shinjuku station and before we head over, we stopped by a restaurant at the train station to grab a quick lunch. I got soba noodles with tempura, it's so good and so cheap! Definitely check out stores around train station as they are sometimes cheaper to dine in.

There's quite a distance to walk from Gotokuji station to the temple but we managed to get there navigating through the neighbourhood with the help of Google Maps. It was late autumn and the place was so beautiful! We got to talk to the person in charge of taking care of the temple and he told us that if we had came a week earlier it would've been even more beautiful. Gotokuji temple itself is really gorgeous and gives me the feel of Kyoto. It's quiet and peaceful here too, not as touristy as famous places like Sensoji temple or Meiji Jingu. It's my favourite temple throughout my trip!

The temple is famous for its Maneki Neko and claims to have the most here (?) They were flooding everywhere, it's just so crazy hahahaha XD

Hi Misato! :D

Behind her are tombstones lol.

So happy to be here!

The sun was setting soon but I'm glad we got to take photos before the sky turns dark. I really love the vibe here and how beautiful the autumn leaves are ♥ I even took some leaves from the temple back home as memories :D
October 19, 2017

A Week in Singapore

Earlier this month I visited Singapore for a week. It has been months since I left the tiny red dot, but this time I went back because I needed to obtain my diploma cert from my college. I never knew how much I'll miss my friends there until I was back so it was a great opportunity to meet up with them! While I was in Singapore I interned for a few months with KllyLmrck, she was my boss back then but now we're friends ♥ During my visit she had an exhibition so I guess that was the highlight of my trip this round? :D Anyways, all I wanted to do this trip was to meet up with my friends to spend some quality time together and to stock up some craft materials so I didn't want to lug my dslr around so do pardon the low quality photos :P

I took the morning bus from KL and reached Singapore around afternoon, freshen up a bit and headed out to meet my best friend, Misato. We went for a simple dinner together at Cococurry and had a good catch up session.

I wore new lenses here which I received from Pinky Paradise. They're Princess Pinky Sensual Violet. Initially I thought it was the lighting but the colour does appear to be more hazy than violet even in bright sunlight. But it's pretty comfortable so I wouldn't mind using them as daily circle lenses. If you're interested in getting any lenses from their site, you can use my code '50HANIEKUAR' to get 50% off from their site. Code is valid up till 31 October.

I dressed up on the second day and had some time before heading out so here are some of my self-timer photos hehehehe :P

I love wearing Jinbei as it's really comfortable for warm and humid weather plus it's really cute! I'd usually style it with the top opened up like an outer and wear something interesting underneath. And don't forget to match it with cute accessories ♥

Hello Kelly!

Kelly suggested we meet at Sunday Folks which serves really good desserts. Cafe hopping isn't really my thing (neither my wallet's too) so when I was studying in Singapore I didn't visit a lot of cafes. It was my first time here and the atmosphere was really nice, it's a good place to relax and chat. That morning Kelly was on a live morning program so she was all dressed up and looked so beautiful~

curating online feed irl.

We went and explore around Holland Village afterwards and took some pictures here and there.

meet my plastic friend.

So we passed by this store and Kelly saw this zebra tights for kids which matched my top and wanted me to take a photo with it lol :P

Took some photos together with our trusty self-timer photographer ;)

my 2 moods.

Day 3 I was out to do some shopping around Orchard Road and to meet my friend in the evening for dinner. I had to meet most people in the evening this time because they were all busy with work in the morning. I'm used to spending time alone anyways so it was just some extra walking exercise and I got to do a lot of window shopping haha!

Hello Fuwa!

I felt so bad that she had to rush here after work but I'm really happy to meet her! We talked so much about anime and cosplay stuff, especially BNHA hahahaha~ She's the friend who got me interested in cosplay again after I stopped for about a year or two after going over to Singapore for my studies.
Now I'm so fired up to cosplay a lot more characters and to sew and craft lots of costumes!

The next morning I went to my college to meet Misato and to collect my Diploma cert. I'm wearing One Piece x UT collaboration T-shirt from Uniqlo which I got the day before. The design is oversized so I decided to go all the way and got a L size. I love wearing loose, baggy silhouettes :D

Gotta act cool coz we're senpais who graduated~~~

After settling the documents at college I wanted to get ice-cream from my favourite place nearby. Usually I'll get single scoop of Salted Butterscotch which is their best seller, but since I came all the way here to have their ice-cream, I decided to go for double scoop, one of the usual and another was their Strawberry ice-cream. They're all freshly handmade and it's really, really good.

Misato had to leave for work afterwards so I went and hang out around Orchard alone until I was bored lol. She's working freelance now which is why we get to meet at odd hours ^^

Fuwa saw my post of Facebook saying I was bored at town so she asked me where I was and turns out she was nearby so we decided to meet again for dinner! We miss each other too much that we have to meet the very next day hahahaha~

The following day was a Saturday, and it was also the first day of Kelly's exhibition. We were supposed to meet with another friend and go to her exhibition together at late afternoon so Misato and I met up beforehand to shop around Chinatown and Little India. Misato wanted me to try the Nasi Lemak burger since the day I got to Singapore but I was sick prior to the trip so I didn't want to get fast food until I felt a little better.

The Nasi Lemak burger set comes with potato wedges and bandung. There's no nasi in the nasi lemak burger but they had fried chicken patty, fried egg, cucumber and sambal in the burger lol. It was, well, interesting hahahaha~

It's the Deepavali month and they have set up a market in Little India for the festival. Lots of decorative hanging above the market and crowds gushing by everywhere. I love the atmosphere so much would love to take more photos but it was so hot that my sweat was falling off my face every second I was in there hahahaha! I bought some decorative boxes which were so cute and colourful to display on my desk which you'll see at the end of this post.

Also wearing a T-shirt dress from DIY by Panida which my mom got for me as an early birthday present ♥

Headed over to Sota later to visit Kelly's exhibition for Pawsitive, the very first interactive exhibition for cats and dogs in the world. We custom made a bouquet of flowers for her because the florist where we bought the flowers from refused to wrap it up for us >:( It was so odd and funny but we tried hahahaha~

Selfie with cat! But it refuses to look at the camera...

It was the only day I bothered to bring my DSLR out because I know Kelly's work will be amazing plus there will be cats around! Totally worth it!

Nyan nyan~

More photos of me and cat.

Another exhibition at the cat area.

The cat and dog areas are divided although they are under the name of one exhibition. I guess you can totally tell that I'm a devoted Cat Person judging from the amount of photos I took in both areas. :P

By the way, while I was there, Channel NewsAsia aired the footage they filmed of us working on the yarn bomb installation around 3 heritage centers across Singapore. It was my internship project and I'm so happy to be part of it! I was able to catch it premiering on TV, but if you haven't watched it yet, here's the online version.

On day 6 I met up with Misato again to explore the Sunday flea market at China Square Central. I really love hunting for goods at places like this!

Also went to Shinobeads at People's Park to get some cute acrylic beads and charms. They have amazing selection here and the uncle was really friendly ^^ Sorry I had to use the photos Misato whatsapped me because I didn't take any photos there.

My loots for the day!

After I got back home I displayed them on my working desk. The four colourful, shiny boxes are from Little India and Pikachu and Jigglypuff are from the flea market. I love colourful, glittery and cute stuff!