November 22, 2016

Death Note L Photoshoot

A while ago I did an impromptu Sonico photoshoot with my friend and yesterday we did another shoot for L from Death Note. I only watched the Death Note movies but they are some of my favourite Japanese movies. Kenichi Matsuyama was so perfect as L, and I especially love L: Change the World, in fact I wanted to grasp the mood for the shoot I actually went and rewatch the movie the night before this shoot. :D

Since submissions are over, my college was pretty empty so we shot in one of the computer rooms haha! I contemplated if I should get any extra lighting at first, but the monitor screens were nice enough to capture the mood we were going for. It's also my first time doing a proper cosplay photoshoot so naturally I was really excited about it since I don't have much coser friends around me whom I can do a photoshoot with. I'm really awkward at events and getting to know new people (unless we have lots of common topics or people approach me first) so I haven't been very familiar with the cosplay community here in Singapore.

I've been doing a lot of photoshoots for school projects and personal ones lately, so I can feel that I'm slowly improving. At the same time, I feel like I have a lot more to learn in photography but sometimes I can't quite figure out what is lacking? I really hope to receive lots of constructive feedbacks on my work more than just 'likes' lol

Anyways, enough of me blabbing and enjoy the photos! ;)

CN: Fuwafuwa Yoi
November 20, 2016

My Last Halloween in College

My birthday's on Halloween as some of you might know, and I never really dressed up for Halloween until I entered college. It's my last year in college so I don't know if I'll ever dress up again for the occasion ^^; This year was especially fun since Halloween was on Monday and all my close friends had classes which meant everyone was there to surprise and have a mini celebration with me.

It's actually my 21st birthday and usually over here it's celebrated grandly since you're finally legal but I really hate huge parties or socializing so I told my parents to buy me a ticket to Japan instead of throwing a huge party. Yes, I'm going to Tokyo next month! :D

For Halloween this year I cosplayed as one of my favourite characters, Umaru from Himouto! Umaru-chan. I love her so so much and can really relate to her otaku and hikkikomori personality, hehe~ I actually made another costume for Halloween this year but since I rushed it it didn't look as good so probably I'll get that fixed and blog about it sometime later. Hint: It's from a video game ^^

Early morning getting into costume with my friend Misato doing her makeup in the background hahaha~ It's been a long while since I've cosplayed so I hope I look good cosplaying as Umaru haha ^^; I hadn't put on so much false eyelashes in a while and it takes me back to the days where I used to follow so much Gyaru style. I'm still learning to style wigs so if you have any tips where I can improve on please leave me a comment.

By the way I kept using the hamster filter on Snow because it's for Umaru!!!

See how a cute filter instantly turns my scar-faced friend into a cute hamster :3

Whee~~~! Surprise surprise~! To be honest I sort of expected the surprise coming.... like it's common right on anyone's birthday? I was just happy that my friends were there and they went to get my favourite cake which is like few stops away from school. It's the fresh cream cake from the bakery that I mentioned in previous post.

Brought a pack of potato chips to school as a prop for Umaru. I tried to get coke from the 7 eleven near school but they were sold out of bottled coke (How can that happen??!) (T_T) My other friend here dressed up as a delivery person from DHL hahaha!

It's a gif here but my friend was saying that I need to finish the entire cake like my character but in the end I only ate 2 slices because it was so filling... still, thank you so much for getting me a cake! :D

It's my last year in college and we'll all be graduating soon so this year I've been trying my best to contribute or celebrate each of my close friend's birthdays. I'm happy that they did that for me too ^^ On a side note, submissions are finally over which is why I am now able to update my blog. Lately I've just been working on completing my Star Guardian Lux costume, gaming and preparing for my holiday. Oh and I'm doing a cosplay photoshoot tomorrow and also I'm really excited about AFA Singapore which is happening next weekend!