October 19, 2016

Life Lately #04

Hello again! It's been a while since I've blogged and sad to say it has been all the way at the back of my mind since lately I've been really caught up with school work that I barely get much rest. :'( But many exciting things happened since last month which I'll be sharing some here, and others in each separate posts to come.

A short update from my previous post on the Star Guardian Lux costume, the new Star Guardian skins are out and they are so cute! (But I still love Lux the best) I'm done sewing the top already, all I'm left with are the ribbon bows, accessories and the staff. Can't wait to get it done soon since it's been taking forever to finish!

I had a short term break last month and went home for about 5 days and it was so great to take a break from the problems in school and to hug my fat cats lol. It's my final year in college now and everything has been so stressful, not the workload but the people. I really hate dealing with people problems so I always try my best to shun away from them but sometimes you still have to deal with them especially when they are your group members. I just keep telling myself that I have to make things work somehow and focus on enjoying the creative process which is what motivates me better.

On the right it's something I did for a class assignment where we have to arrange items into alphabets so I used most of my cute accessories to form my initial. I didn't score that well for this but I enjoy looking at the colours so I'm happy that at least I'm satisfied lol.

Recently my friend who was my lecturer introduced me this awesome Japanese bakery shop called Châteraisé at Chinatown Point which sells delicious and cute cakes at a decent price. I've been obsessed with it since and have gone back to the shop for 4 times within 2 weeks. My favourite is their best-selling Fresh Cream Cake which tastes heavenly but every time I visit the shop I tell myself to try something new. Aside from cakes, they also sell macarons, chocolate, cookies, ice cream and even pudding.

All projects this semester are group projects and undoubtedly many problems occured along the way..... which resulted me failing halfway through one of them. It's my first time failing any projects and I already expected the fail so it didn't hit me too hard when I received the result. I already had a plan B in mind by then so I just laughed it off, discussed with my group members on how we should scrap the previous idea off and start afresh. This time I took on the role of art director as well as photographer hoping I can help my friends to make sure that the final outcome will look good. ^^

Here's us doing location scouting for the second idea~ The place is at Golden Mile Complex which we didn't end up using for our concept although it was a nice place for photos.

To be honest this semester I learned a lot on never giving up and to sometimes be stubborn on your ideas because things might turn out unexpectedly positive. I was close to giving up at some point, but after accepting the failures I stood up and just tell myself to do whatever that makes me happy, and so far I can see things are getting better which I'm really glad. And of course, constant prayers and sharing out my problems with close friends really do help a lot. :)

Other than the fashion photoshoot project that I failed, I had another project that ended up with ridiculously low marks during the mid term assessment. It's a project in collaboration with a company outside which I won't mention right now, but my group were encouraged to change up our idea because it wasn't clear enough although we mentioned all we had to say in the documents we submitted but I believe they overlooked it while assessing (miscommunication and ego being part of the process I suspect) and we're dissed in front of the whole class. *Thank you for the mention (:* If you get the sarcastic remark lol. We were furious but I told my friends we can't give up on the idea and should instead prove them wrong.....and actually became the dark horse for the project. I'm still smiling from ear to ear about how well the concept turned out to be, with the people from the company telling us we've basically checked off everything on their list and they had no comments other than how excited they are to see the final outcome.

So that's one thing that made my week so far, and for the production for the project, I've recently picked up embroidery which is pretty enjoyable so I went to check out some embroidery threads this morning at Spotlight. They have so many colours and I just couldn't decide which one to use for our product ^^;

On a side note, here's a funny story that happened this morning. So lately I've been really exhausted from school work and barely got much sleep. It was pouring at 7am this morning and it was the perfect weather to sleep in. When I finally woke up I thought there's still time to get ready for class and I thought I made it on time at 10am, only to realise today's class starts at 9am instead. So technically I'm an hour late so I went to a nearby mall to get breakfast and went to check out the embroidery threads while saving myself from embarrassment for being late lol. #storyofmylife

I don't usually share about my projects here until they are complete but lately they are all I think about in my mind so I decided to write about that. Thank you for reading my project rants and I hope you'll it interesting to read about what goes on in an art student's mind hahaha~

Making: Plans on how I can allocate time for personal projects
Drinking: Oolong Milk Tea with Pearl
Wanting: To buy some nice fabric to sew my own clothes.
Watching: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo and Love in the Moonlight. Park Bo Gum is so cute haha! Also Yuri On Ice!
Playing: Anticipating Halloween by playing Alice Madness Returns. And I'm also playing Mystic Messenger lol
Sewing: Halloween costume!
Listening: Mandopop and Cantopop on Spotify, reminiscing the old times~
Reading: Readings for my essay assignment due next week.
Wishing: All my projects will turn out good by the end of this semester.
Enjoying: Halloween excitement everywhere, since it feels like everyone's looking forward to my birthday :P
Waiting: For my taobao orders to arrive.
Liking: Etude House's Duo Contouring stick
Loving: My new shoes from Y.R.U which I'll be blogging soon~
Needing: More time to sleep
Wearing: Lounge wear ;)
Noticing: That my skin has been breaking out so much due to lack of sleep
Knowing: That I still haven't book my accommodation for my trip to Tokyo
Bookmarking: Japanese and Korean movies to watch
Feeling: Sleepy