September 12, 2016

STGCC 2016

It's a long weekend here in Singapore, since it's a public holiday today (Monday). Thanks to that I was able to take a break on Saturday and went to STGCC. I still love going to events such as this, meeting up friends and checking new stuff out. Although I must admit that nowadays I get tired easily...I only stayed around for around 4 hours this time round, which makes me wonder 'Am I getting old for this?' or maybe I just miss my usual group of friends who'd go to events with me back in Malaysia.

I've been going to most events in Singapore alone but this time I had a friend who was working at a booth! If you've seen my previous post, you would've seen some photographs I took of her Sonico cosplay. She's really fun to talk to and we're already planning for another cosplay shoot soon~

As I was really busy with my projects before the event, I didn't bother to check to event details like I usually do. I only found out who were the guests and the booths available once I got there. ^^;

And look who I found! It's Sakimi Chan! Her artworks are crazy good but given the long queue and that I wasn't looking to buy prints when I was there I skipped her booth. (._.)> I'm still glad I saw her IRL ehehe

Some really cute Overwatch and Steven Universe prints! I'm really bad at FPS games and have only played Overwatch once at my cousin's place but I remembered some of the characters thanks to that. I got her a Mercy sticker because we both love playing support roles in the games we play. ^^ Also, is anyone watching Steven Universe? It seems like an interesting show but I haven't got to watch it lol

So many badges! Personally I don't collect badges because I don't know what to do with them, even if they are really cute. I'm more of a sticker collector so you'll see me buying stickers at every event.

I've recently watched One Piece Gold and it was amazing!!! I only started watching One Piece a few months back and I'm glad I caught up to the latest episodes in time to watch this movie with my friends. I don't really want to spoil it here, but Chopper in a monkey costume was the cutest thing ever! (*v*) Now I feel like I need a Chopper figure D:

Saw more figurines around and also this store that has second hand comics, game consoles, games, figures and merchandises. This was one of the highlights of the event for me. It's so so so cool seeing all these vintage stuff for sale and I really wanted them...but I know I don't have the time or money for it. (._.) I went back to the booth several times just so I can take a look once more, though I eventually bought a One Piece figure there which wasn't second hand if you're wondering lol.

Most of the time when I go to events I find that the hall lighting are usually quite bad for photography. Unless you're desperate enough to bring a whole set of lighting equipment and camp at one area for the rest of the day. STGCC was the same for me too but I wanted to take pictures of cosers so I went all the way up to the shopping area where there was ample of natural light to take some pictures.

Look how cute they were! I love Boku no Hero Academia series. The art and the story are really good, but I wish I can see more of Deku's character development. I saw these cosers going up the escalator while I was catching Pokemon and they caught my eye from far away. Don't you think they're really cute? And their height matches perfectly like what I think the characters would be IRL. (*v*) Btw, Marina area is a very good place for Pokemon Go hunting~

I'm so excited for Cardcaptor Sakura's new series. My best friend lend me the dvds to watch the entire series and also the whole of Tsubasa Chronicles which got me hooked on till today. Don't you think these cosers are so cute??! I kept getting interrupted while trying to take a picture of them until the Syaoran coser noticed and signalled his partner to look over to my direction. Ah so sweet~ Thank you so much!!!

The thing about photographing at events, in my perspective as a girl is that some male photographers would ignore your presence and block your view. I mean most photographers are pretty nice but there are times where you come across rude ones...or perverted ones. :/ There was once I saw through someone's LCD preview screen that he was taking an upskirt shot. Female cosers please be careful of this!

Look, I dolled up for the event! Nowadays I don't wear falsies as often anymore so whenever I happen to wear them it's like I've scored extra points of effort lol. Even when I wear them it's only for the top eyelash, I can't remember when was the last time I wore bottom falsies...

Also, also, *coughs* would you look at that

This is the figure I got at the vintage toy booth I was talking about earlier. They had Luffy, Zoro and Usopp's figure as well but I just had to get Sanji's. It was SGD15 for one (which is the most expensive thing I spent on other than the event ticket) and I'm really happy I got it. I know Sanji is not like the most popular One Piece character out there but I love how funny and kind he is to females lol. And I wish I can try his food hahahaha~~~ I placed the figure on my desk right beside my laptop and it's like screaming the 'Mellorine~' vibes lol

Here are the rest of my loots! Pretty sure you can see what I'm obsessed with right now lol. I got the sticker set with Lucario for my brother since he used that as his main in Pokemon X and Y. The Mercy one is for my cousin, and the rest are all for yours truly hahaha! I love collecting stickers but I don't really use them... because they feel so precious to me. :')

This was a really long post but I'm glad I had so many pictures and things to talk about! I am already preparing for another blog post and I'm happy that I can share about so many things lately. Although it's submission week and I should be doing my projects but I want to write these things down first before I get on to do the boring stuff lol. Thanks for reading!

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