June 16, 2016

Fraser's Hill

When I came back home for holiday this time round, my family didn't make any plans to travel as my parents are both really busy with their business. I don't really mind to be honest since I was content with just spending time at home with my family and pets but my parents thought we might be missing out some family bonding opportunities so they decided to take a day off and brought us to Fraser's Hill. I wanted to go somewhere cool so I suggested that we should visit Fraser's Hill since it's not much of a touristy area and for me, I haven't been there before whereas my parents' last visit was shortly after they got married.....which is over 20 years ago.

We reach Fraser's Hill around 12 noon and we got lunch first before anything else lol. Fraser's Hill isn't well developed, in fact most of it remained the same as 20 years ago according to my parents, the only major difference was the now 2 way roads, one for entry and another to exit. The highlight of our trip was visiting Ye Olde Smokehouse, but other than that it was simple road trip with windows rolled down and enjoying the cool breeze as we drive along the quiet hill roads.

Ye Olde Smokehouse kept its interior vintage and English themed. We spent most of our time here taking photographs and having tea and pastries. There weren't any other guests around so we enjoyed having the space to ourselves.

*pretends to look at flowers*

I've been loving colourful, pastel or white-on-white outfits. My style isn't exactly girly-girl, but more like Kidult and subculture inspired. Though I think my mom would be more happy if I would wear flower prints which I never do lol ^^; I usually prefer to take pictures than having my picture taken since it gets so awkward for me to pose 'nicely' but I wanted to have some tourist shots after regretting not having any decent photos of myself from my last trip to Laos.

Tea set for 2 which we shared among 4 of us. ^^

I asked my brother to take a nice photo with me which he refuses to and made all sorts of silly faces so I shall block his face away and look good by myself :P

I can't blame him though, since most of the time we were taking silly photos like this. :P We briefly stopped by The Paddock where we thought we could ride a horse but they were taking a break so we just took photos and left.

So happy looking back at these photos while editing them. ^^

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