June 16, 2016

Fraser's Hill

When I came back home for holiday this time round, my family didn't make any plans to travel as my parents are both really busy with their business. I don't really mind to be honest since I was content with just spending time at home with my family and pets but my parents thought we might be missing out some family bonding opportunities so they decided to take a day off and brought us to Fraser's Hill. I wanted to go somewhere cool so I suggested that we should visit Fraser's Hill since it's not much of a touristy area and for me, I haven't been there before whereas my parents' last visit was shortly after they got married.....which is over 20 years ago.

We reach Fraser's Hill around 12 noon and we got lunch first before anything else lol. Fraser's Hill isn't well developed, in fact most of it remained the same as 20 years ago according to my parents, the only major difference was the now 2 way roads, one for entry and another to exit. The highlight of our trip was visiting Ye Olde Smokehouse, but other than that it was simple road trip with windows rolled down and enjoying the cool breeze as we drive along the quiet hill roads.

Ye Olde Smokehouse kept its interior vintage and English themed. We spent most of our time here taking photographs and having tea and pastries. There weren't any other guests around so we enjoyed having the space to ourselves.

*pretends to look at flowers*

I've been loving colourful, pastel or white-on-white outfits. My style isn't exactly girly-girl, but more like Kidult and subculture inspired. Though I think my mom would be more happy if I would wear flower prints which I never do lol ^^; I usually prefer to take pictures than having my picture taken since it gets so awkward for me to pose 'nicely' but I wanted to have some tourist shots after regretting not having any decent photos of myself from my last trip to Laos.

Tea set for 2 which we shared among 4 of us. ^^

I asked my brother to take a nice photo with me which he refuses to and made all sorts of silly faces so I shall block his face away and look good by myself :P

I can't blame him though, since most of the time we were taking silly photos like this. :P We briefly stopped by The Paddock where we thought we could ride a horse but they were taking a break so we just took photos and left.

So happy looking back at these photos while editing them. ^^
June 7, 2016

Visual Art Expo 2016

It's been a while since I've blogged about an ACG event. I've attended a few events the past 2 months but didn't manage to take as much pictures that I could compile into a proper blog post. It's always refreshing to attend these events as I get to meet some friends, meet people whom I've talked to online and also checking out the merchandises.

I brought my brother along with me for the first time to these sort of event. Naturally he was really shy and when he saw these Dark Soul illustrations he wanted them but was scared to ask for it. I had to urge him to speak up as he hid behind my shoulder, which made me see a new side in him that was really cute hahahaha! In the end he got 2 prints which he was so happy about and couldn't stop staring at his first 'loot' from a convention. ^^

Got a selfie with Ying Tze~ It's been long since I got to meet her and talk to her. I think we met through our mutual friend, Hermes? I can't really remember but they are both nice to talk to. :D

There was a Macross series figurine display booth at the event which I was really excited to see. I don't collect figurines because I can't really afford them so it was nice to see these. They had so many Sheryl Nome and Ranka figurines in different versions and lots of pilot ships too. By the way, is anyone watching Macross Delta here? ギリギリ愛~

Re: Zero cosplays. My friend has been bugging me to watch but I kept giving the excuse of 'I have too many anime series I'm watching at the moment'.

*I see what you did there*

I'm always shy to say hi to Angie and we only briefly met a few times ^^; I might be the worse person to ever start a conversation.

I met Eclair too whom I got to know during a photoshoot last year with Chelses. It's been a year since, oh how time flies!

The fun part about these conventions are meeting both familiar faces and new people. I got to talk to a cosplayer whom I looked up to for her prop making skills but she wasn't in costume that day, but she was genuinely nice and helpful when I asked her for more tips in getting my costume ready by the end of this year. Also met my friend from primary school which I haven't talked to in forever, but I was rushing home by then so we only briefly talked. :( It was a fun event nevertheless.
June 2, 2016

3ce full cover concealer review

So last month my stick concealer broke and there were only a little remaining, so what's a better excuse than to buy a new concealer, and trying a new brand while I'm at it? Getting a good concealer is really important to me as I don't wear foundation or BB cream for my daily makeup. All I put on are sunscreen, concealer and translucent powder. The previous concealer I've been using was the Innisfree stick concealer in its second shade which was not too bad for its price range. I've already used up 3 of it so I thought it's time to try out something new.

I got the 3ce full cover concealer #002 at Sephora Singapore for $24, which is rather pricey but I guess the shipping and tax are included in its retail price. The concealer claims to be a base and corrector on areas with redness and dark spots.

When I first tried it out I was amazed by its coverage. Considering it is a liquid concealer, I actually felt that it provided better coverage than my stick concealer.

Here's my actual skin condition right now, nothing like the flawless photos you see on Instagram lol. I've been getting lots of breakouts on my face thanks to my imbalance sleeping schedule. Also, I got sinus when I came back home because of my cat's fur so I've been breathing through my mouth for a few days, hence the dry lips. :( I think I am able to give you better makeup review than skincare review hahahahaha

Anyways, here's how I usually do my base makeup. I'd apply a huge area under my dark circles so that it blends evenly with my skin and for minor blemishes I'll apply small dots of concealer. I prefer blending concealers with my fingers as I can work faster before the concealer starts to adhere to my skin.

As for the shade I got, when I swatched it at Sephora it looked perfect but in certain lighting it looked slightly orange toned. It only looked like this on certain parts of my face so as much as I don't want to, I have to apply a thin layer of BB cream to even out my skin tone. I guess full coverage concealer like this works better with a foundation or BB cream. :/

It looks much more even now with BB cream. I went back and touch up some blemishes after applying BB cream before setting it with powder.

Completed the rest of my makeup look for a flower and night light festival that I went with my family in the evening. I tried wearing red eyeliner after watching Mei's berry girl makeup tutorial. I've been watching her videos since she started her channel. ^^

The flower festival was really hot and you can see sweat droplets forming around my nose lol XD My makeup melted a bit here but most of it still stayed on through the night. I've worn the concealer many times already by now and most of the time if I don't sweat it pretty much stays on through the day. In cases where I do sweat, and by that I mean sweating buckets, my makeup still looks decent.

Anyways, here are my overall thoughts. It's my first time splurging on a concealer and I felt that for the price I paid I got a pretty good concealer in terms of coverage, long lasting and crease free formula. The only downside so far has got to be the shade mismatch but I can't comment too much on it since I've not actually tried out the lighter shade they had. Luckily I'm still able to make it work with the BB cream, but if you have any suggestions on concealer please let me know in the comments section. I'm always on the lookout for better concealers. ^^