May 17, 2016

Cat Companion

Back in Malaysia since last week and I've been staying at home mostly while my family is all busy with their own schedule. Keeping me company at home as I get chores done and enjoying my personal time are my 2 cats and a dog. Dolly is more attached to us as he's more nosy than Anko who sleeps the day away while the dog only clings onto my mom, which I'm secretly glad because I'm not a dog person.

I was shooting photos for an upcoming product review post then I saw Dolly chilling nearby, and since I got my DSLR with me I started 'stalking' him for about 20 minutes. Much to his annoyance, of course. But thanks to the birds chirping outside the sunroom/laundry room he got occupied for a while and I was able to snap these pictures before he left and went downstairs.

He just loves rubbing his cheeks everywhere.

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