April 25, 2016

Chuunibyou Syndrome

The other day I was chatting with my Japanese friend and she mentioned to me how she finds herself dwelling into the 'Chuunibyou Syndrome' ever since she started studying in Singapore. She mentioned how some people would categorise the love for animation when they were young as 黒歴史(Kuro Rekishi). It can be embarrassing for some to talk about their love for animations they grew up with, and for her she loved Sailor Moon, Digimon, and many works by Clamp.

I've always been really open about my interest so it didn't really came across my mind that it can be sort of a Chuunibyou thing. I mean I grew up with those that she mentioned as well but I've always declared my love for them and it felt normal to me. I guess you can say I'm a Chuunibyou too in that sense? By the way, what we are referring here are not the belief in having supernatural powers but it's more like 'never growing up' (?)

Anime, manga and games have always been regarded as a childish thing and although there are many who are denying how it has been stereotyped, I feel like having these interest enable us to still reminisce the things that we grew up with even as adults. There isn't anyone who is qualified to judge someone else's interest because everyone is different and what they love defines them. And here are some photo collections that I love~




《日日.宅》/渡鴉重工/KAMEKO COS

《日日.宅》/渡鴉重工/KAMEKO COS

《日日.宅》/渡鴉重工/KAMEKO COS

《日日.宅》/渡鴉重工/KAMEKO COS

《日日.宅》/渡鴉重工/KAMEKO COS




Links: PRETTY BOY/OMOCAT, OMOCAT WINTER LINE, 《日日.宅》/渡鴉重工/KAMEKO COS, 魔法少女の部屋/Luna發瘋時刻/霜月shimo
April 24, 2016

Life Lately #02

Hello, it's been a while but I'm back. My blog is half-dead now but I'm still proud that I'm churning out a post each month. I hardly ever visit it myself so I don't really expect others to visit it too, but if you're still reading this, thank you very much. Honestly I've been rather uninspired to post anything here as life got busier. I still love reading other's blogs but I can't say so for my own. I'm thinking of a layout change but I don't know where to start with. Please let me know if you have any suggestions to help me improve. m(_ _)m

It's been 3 months since my last Life Lately post and it feels like I'm doing this quarter-yearly lol. Most of the photos here are taken from my Instagram, so if you already know what's up with my life I hope you'll still scroll through the end ^^; I know I should be taking more photos daily but the past term has made me felt like I'm an art-school zombie and I wasn't really happy with my performance in school. I've been feeling a lot of negativity for the past few weeks and I'm glad that I have my close group of friends in college that helped me pull through the term. Though I would like to share about my problems here like I used to, I think some things are best to be kept in private.

That said, let's get on with the purpose of this blog post~

Kidult Girl

Last year Ayumi Seto released her new style book and I was so hyped up on getting it. Ayumi is one of my favourite models or personality because I love her fashion style, inspirations and how she presents her daily lifestyle. She carries a 90s vibe and balances her love for western pop culture with her Aomoji style and that makes her really unique. I posted this photo on Instagram and she actually liked and commented on it which I thought was really sweet of her. :)

Novelty Bags

Last term for my school project we had to produce a Double Page Spread product page that would fit in a June issue of a magazine of our choice. I picked Nylon Japan because it fitted well with the requirements of the project, but honestly I would've wanted to recreate pages from other Japanese published prints that I love too. From the product shoot, writing, editing to layout everything was done single-handedly by myself. I did score pretty well, but honestly on a scale of 10 I think this would've been around 6.5 if I am to grade myself. I'm really happy with the photographs and writing too, but the layout was fine with me. I didn't like the illustration though because it's my first time drawing digitally and it was so freaking hard. I recall my fingers stuck on ctrl+z for hours because I just couldn't get it looking right. I'm good with but digital painting might not be my thing. I still love the feel of a pencil scratching the surface of the paper.....if you know what I mean.


Last month I went to Singaplural which is an art and design exhibition here in Singapore to support my lecturers who were having an exhibition there. It was great viewing the art installations and different aspect and perspectives the artists and designers were trying to explore. But what really caught my eye was this installation by Andrew Loh that was inspired by the Aurora phenomenon. The reflective rainbow/hologram was absolutely beautiful and I was awed by the colours and how magical is looked. The artist has another piece of his work displayed at Cathay, Singapore and I'm still reminded of the beauty of his work every time I visit the mall.

Kawaii Food Packaging

I love food and would spend my money on good food. I love kawaii things too, and when these two are combined together, it becomes had for me to resist the temptation to buy them. I got the Pikachu instant noodles for myself and my brother few months ago but I am still left with one more. Although I can easily purchase it again, I'm just hesitant to open up the packaging and throw it away after eating. And on the right, I bought these candies from Daiso after watching Grave of the Fireflies. Although it's not the exact packaging, it reminds me of the movie which made me buy it lol. The candy is pretty good tho~

Hair Updates

In the last Life Lately post I talked about my hair too and it was a pink x orange shade which I achieve by accident. My goal is to get pastel hair though so I've bleached my hair once more since then, which makes it the 4th time I bleach it. The hairstylist told me I still need 1 more bleach to get it close to white in order to achieve the pastel shade I'm going for. My roots have already grown about 2-3 inches now and I can't wait to fix my hair when I go back to Malaysia.

It's hard to getting to pastel when you have dark hair (T_T)

Cyberpunk Accessory

Here's another one of my school projects which I've done for this term. I didn't enjoy the process of this project because there were so much confusion in the execution of the project but I really like how the photoshoot for the eyepiece I created turned out.

If you've seen my previous photoshoots, I have been going for the bright, soft and clean style but this time I was inspired by Neotokyo and video games so I went for a different style than usual. I really like it though, although it's not polished but I feel like it's a new genre that I'm exploring lately. I feel that I lean towards maximalism more and I love the use of colours in things I do. There are so many new inspirations that I've been collecting lately and maybe I'll blog about them soon.

Making: Plans on how to spend my 3 months semester break. 
Wanting: To go to Japan soon.
Looking: Youtuber's vlogs in Japan. It makes me feel that I'm experiencing a little of Japan life.
Playing: U.r.f on League on Legends this weekend.
Sewing: I need to first draft out the rest of my Lux costume before I start sewing.
Reading: Studying Japanese through Shin Nihongo no Kiso.
Wishing: That I'll be able to leave Singapore soon.
Enjoying: My new phone that enables me to download more apps.
Waiting: For air ticket bookings to open so I can buy tickets for my trip to Japan in December.
Liking: The fact that I can escape from dramas and people in college.
Loving: The conversation on Chuunibyou I had with my friend last friday.
Hoping: That a surprise I planned will work out successfully.
Needing: To clean my room thoroughly before I go back to Malaysia.
Wearing: My comfy home clothes.
Following: Youtubers. I've recently followed and have been watching Einshine, Sharla in Japan/ Sharmander, Kimdao/Kimdaovlog and Taylor R.
Noticing: That I should probably develop a stronger illustration style.
Knowing: I should probably learn how to charge for artworks or services instead of helping for free.
Thinking: Of drafting another blog post that would be scheduled to post.
Feeling: Lonely.
Bookmarking: Collection of images that would serve as my inspiration.