March 19, 2016

Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette Review

Surprise! I finally updated my blog with a review! Honestly I can't even recall how long it has been since I've written a review post. Call it procrastination all you want because it really is so most of the time. I say I'm really busy because I really am, and when I do have time off I'd much rather spend it catching up on things I've missed, googling new discoveries or simply running a marathon of anime series while munching on snacks. But the other day I had to do product shoot for my assignment, and while I had the setup done, I thought I'd take some photos of this gorgeous palette I received as a birthday present last year from my amazing friends. I'd been ogling over this particular palette ever since I saw it at Sephora, but it costs 72SGD so I've been deliberating for weeks if I should get it. Since I was still in the midst of self-debating, my friends decided to just get me the palette for my birthday which came totally as a surprise because *whispers* it's not cheap...... Thank you so much ❤❤❤

Perks of studying in fashion school has got to be the opportunity to dress up however you like and have peers who appreciate it. It's really fun when I can dress up in different styles, experiment with combination of colours, prints and silhoutte and playing with accessories and makeup to complete the look. Even though the colours of this palette are so loud, I find myself using it at least once a week in my makeup looks to school. Other days when I'm tired from the moment I open my eyes, I'd just go with a 5 minutes makeup routine of concealer, powder, eyebrows, tightline and mascara. I do have days when I want to stay in my jammies but forced to put on something that looks decent enough for school.

Anyways back to the review, can you see how gorgeous the shades are? My favourites are Savage, Jilted, Urban and Thrash. I read up some reviews before I got this that it's called 'Electric Pressed Pigment Palette' because the palette includes neon shades which is not recognised as eyeshadow in some countries? I'm not too concerned about that matter but like the name says, the shades of this palette are really pigmented and their vibrancy last throughout the day. I felt that every one of them shows up really well, except for Revolt which is more like a faint shimmer shade for highlighting.

The colours blend really well too and you can easily achieve a gradient transition with a little help of a blending brush. For me, I'd usually use this palette with other eyeshadows I own because as much as you want your makeup look to be colourful, you want these colours to just accentuate the look. For myself, I love blending Jilted and Urban with M.A.C's Antique Veluxe Pearl eyeshadow (which is my favourite brown eyeshadow right now) to achieve a purple to brown transition. Sometimes I add in Savage for that extra pop of pink. I also wore Fringe with black eyeshadow for that mysterious smokey eyes vibe, although my classmate commented that it reminds her of Chesire cat lol ^^; I wish I can show photos here but I don't have any for now... but I promise that I'll post them up when I happen to wear those combination soon.

For now, I only have this image from my Instagram which is slightly filtered but you can see that I wore Savage and Urban on that day. This image was taken when I came home after 8-9 hours in college. For this look I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk as a base to make it more vibrant and long lasting. By the way, NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk is one of the best makeup products and I'd totally recommend anyone who's looking for vibrant colour output to get one. It's not expensive either so why not?

Overall I just love this palette so much, and I would like to thank my friends once again for getting it for me. It was quite expensive to me and I almost wasn't going to get it already but now that I own it I'd say that you really pay for what you get. I have those cheap 120 shades colourful eyeshadow palette, although they are quite fun to play with, their eyeshadow quality is nowhere near this palette by Urban Decay. I'd strongly urge you to go to your nearest Sephora or Urban Decay outlet and just swatch them and get a feel of how they are. Then maybe you'll understand how much I love it? Haha!