January 3, 2016

Life Lately #01

2015 ended with me regretting decision to join my relatives' with their countdown party because I really hate parties, huge crowds, noise and SNOW SPRAY. Wished I spent the last bits cooped up at home with my cats that night. That said, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It's a little late but it's only been a few days since the year has started, plus you get an extra day this year so I guess it's not too late yet, haha~

On to New Years Resolutions... Two years ago I ranted on making New Years Resolutions because the idea has always been a list that people decide to just follow and create one and not achieving anything out of it. I didn't have one last year too but 2015 had been a great year to me with new friends that I can trust and rely on and unexpected opportunities that came along. This year though, I do have some resolutions or goals that I want to achieve. Feels as if I'm eating back my words but I actually have been planning these since last year so I guess it's not really something I suddenly came up with at the strike of midnight on New Years lol *shrugs*

Before I talk about my resolutions, just wanna show you my new hair colour! (So random lols)

On the left is my hair colour from before, the bleached ends from long long ago. The photo was taken when I did heavy makeup for Halloween lol. I didn't do any more colouring since the green hair I had, but it transitioned into this ombre effect. On the right is my new hair colour, which is sort of like a grapefruit shade. I wanted to dye my hair pink but I couldn't bleach it bright enough to achieve the results I want. This was already after 3 bleach jobs done at home and I don't dare to bleach it further because I rushed the 3 bleaches within a week which is terrible for my hair. Normally I wouldn't risk it like this but I was short on time so I just prayed my hair won't melt off or break off each time I bleach lol. Thank goodness my hair withstood well and it's still in pretty good condition right now, just a little dry but that's inevitable lol. Then I use La Riche Directions' Carnation Pink mixed with some conditioner to attempt to dye it pink which obviously didn't work out but I now have this grapefruit shade which reminds me of Asuka from Neon Evangelion and also Asuna from SAO. Will get my hair properly fixed before Chinese New Year.

Back to New Year Resolutions...
1. To travel to Japan in December
If you know me well, you'd know that I've always longed to visit the Land of the Rising Sun. I'm finally turning 21 this year and usually people would throw huge parties on their 21st birthday but I hate parties and socializing so I told my parents to just sponsor me flight tickets for a trip to Japan. That would make me so much happier than a huge party which I know I will hate lol. I've already made plans to visit Tokyo and Kyoto (because I love traditional stuff) so I'm looking forward to visit these two places on my first trip to Japan! As for the rest of the expenses I'm planning to work freelance and also during the summer holidays in Singapore because that way I'll be able to earn the money needed much faster (the currency here is good, haha).

2. To pick up Japanese again till at least N5
I use to self study Japanese by myself for a while and from there I was able to converse in basic Japanese and read basic stuff. With the help of my understanding in Chinese it was much easier for me to pick up. However I stopped ever since I started college as I got too busy to think about anything else. I decide to pick it up again this time because I have plans to further study my degree in the future in Japan, and since it's still a few years away from that goal, I figured it'll be good to start learning from now so I can take my time to learn it well.

3. To finish off my Lux cosplay
This is supposed to be something that I ought to have done by Comic Fiesta last year but since I skipped the event for my trip to Laos I just left it aside. So I guess this will be the first thing I want to get done this year lol. Can't wait to finish it off and post some progress pictures here~

I'm also starting a new series 'Life Lately' inspired by my good friend, Chai. Hopefully I will remember to do this monthly so I can share bits of my life in one post.

Met Chai last month, a day after Comic Fiesta. I had a flight back from Laos the day before, transited at Bangkok then stopped at Changi Airport, Singapore and spent the night there so I could catch the first flight back to KL to meet Chai. I promised to meet her at Comic Fiesta but I messed up my plans so I couldn't attend the event. I wanted to make it up to her so I rushed back to meet her lol. Surviving only on an hour's sleep that day, passes through 4 countries within 24 hours, first time in my life haha! Although I usually don't believe in horoscopes, but what they say for a Scorpio's friendship really applies to me. If you are a good friend I will do whatever it takes to keep the relationship but if someone betrays my trust that person will never be close to me again. *oops*

I was really happy to meet her that day at Kinokuniya as usual, haha! Aian and his friend went on a shopping spree and I talked about many stuff with Chai hehe~ I'm so sorry I couldn't spend more time with you because I was really exhausted but I will bring you around KL when you come again!

Spent most of my remaining holiday playing League and rolling around with my cats. My cats are the best buddies ever, even though they forgot who I am when I first went home in months and runs away from me (T_T) Dolly lets me photograph him most of the time, but Anko doesn't, and she hides at places where there's terrible lighting.

While I was taking photos my brother came into the room and played with Dolly. He was actually taking a nap and we disturbed his sleep which is why that face at the end lol. He makes the funniest expressions in photos! I have an old picture of him being super grumpy and a picture of him being shock when I took a photo of him while he was taking a dump hahaha!

I shoot mostly with 50mm f1.8 lens on my Canon 70D nowadays and my Sony NEX-5R is used for selfies or normal photos or when I need the wide angle I can get with its 16-50mm kit lens. I love using both cameras and sometimes I carry both for events. I can opt to change the lens on my DSLR but I just hate changing lenses in public so using 2 cameras without the need to change lens makes it easier when I need different setting for different images. But I really really love shooting with a 50mm prime lens!

Making: Cosplay preparation. I just styled some wigs today.
Drinking: Water. I always don't drink enough water (._.;)
Wanting: To get the new issue of Zipper which had Aymmy calendar.
Looking: At my mom doing stuff around my house through Skype.
Playing: League of Legends OST
Sewing: Nothing at the moment, but I'm looking forward to start on my Lux costume.
Wishing: Time would pass faster so I can reunite with my family.
Enjoying: Conversations with my family back home.
Waiting: To book my tickets back home on Chinese New Year at 12am, which is about an hour away.
Liking: Louis Vuitton's directions towards Anime inspired fashion.
Loving: Colourful eye makeups. I've been wearing colourful eyemakes lately!
Hoping: That first week of class will be good.
Needing: A Skype wake up call from my mom tomorrow morning. I overslept half the time.
Wearing: T-Shirt I got from my friend in Laos. It says 'Sabaidee' which means Hello in Laos language.
Following: Anime-kei fashion brands on Instagram.
Noticing: That I only have 1 photo of myself in my camera from my Laos trip. More about that in the blog post to come.
Knowing: I should probably sleep early tonight to get up on time.
Thinking: Of making tutorial or review blog post soon.
Feeling: Nervous for start of new Semester with new classmates.
Bookmarking: Movies to watch before bedtime.
Feeling: Sleepy, but staying awake for the bus ticket booking.