November 10, 2015

Hakama Inspired Dress

This semester I started year 2 and learned how to use sewing machines and more garment making techniques. For our project this term, we had to design a garment inspired by our childhood memory. Looking back at my childhood photos, I grew up with lots of soft toys or you can say, imaginary friends (I still have them) and with both my parents artistically driven, especially my mom, I grew up with their artworks surrounding me. I guess my past really affects who I am today, as I'm always attracted to these cute characters, animations, colourful, bright yet quirky things. The colour palette for this dress is based on SS16 Soft Pop trend, but the silhouette is inspired by Japanese Hakama. Because I have this side for historical and oriental outfits and garments in me too.

Many thanks to my friend Doris who modeled the dress for me. We wear similar size so naturally I had to ask her for help, and in return I had to model for her too XD Anyways, the photo was shot at Singapore Art Museum, by right I heard you can't do photoshoots there but we just pretended to be tourist and get a few quick shots before changing out of the garments and leave lol.

It's only been a few months since I made my last dress but it felt like that was forever ago. I have learned so much more the past few months in sewing and drafting and now I'm so eager to learn more and more about it! It's really fun when you finally accomplish the project, although there are few mistakes here and there, it's always an opportunity to learn and further improve. I used to think sewing is really hard to do, but now that I've got comfortable with it it feels amazing when I am able to craft clothing for myself. For this dress from the pattern, pleating to the sewing parts everything was completely new to me, still I managed to finish it in a week's time during school hours so I'm feeling great about this. :D As for the details, I handsew the belt and crocheted the lace by myself. I've been doing crochet since I was 11 (?) so it was an easy task for me, plus it's therapeutic too so it was great to release some stress from school work doing that.