October 17, 2015

DreamWorks Animation The Exhibition

I've been meaning to blog about this quite some time ago but didn't have any time to sit down and edit pictures and draft the post. School is getting much busier and I'm getting lesser sleep at the same time so blogging feels like an extra effort nowadays. But I still love it, and I'm happy there are still people who drop by my blog. If you're reading this, thank you so much and let me just give you a virtual hug *hugs* There you go~!

So few weeks ago I went to Singapore's Art Science Museum at Marina Bay. Despite being in Singapore for more than a year already, I've never been to this place even though it's such a popular tourist attraction. Perhaps it's because the tickets aren't cheap and I hadn't found a reason good enough for me to make the trip there and spend those bucks. Finally when I saw that they were having the DreamWorks Animation exhibition I was like 'This is my calling!' Haha! I went there during my term break which was also the last week it was open. So happy that it ends on the week of my term break so I can still make it after all my submissions.

Can you imagine how excited I was when I saw this sign outside the Science Art Museum? I think I might have went back in time like 10 years younger lol.

Nowadays I hardly take pictures of myself and I prefer to stay behind the camera instead but that day I thought I can't miss out on a picture to commemorate the event. So this was like a rare shot of myself smiling so happily. :D

If you didn't know what titles were under DreamWorks, How to Train Your Dragon, KungFu Panda, Shrek, Shark Tale, Peabody & Sherman are some of the many titles featured. The exhibition displayed so many amazing sketches, 3D figures and interactive displays. The setting was in low light so photos didn't look as nice but I still wanted to show you some of the things in there so please excuse me this time for the not-so-nice-quality photos. :P

Some of the many amazing sculptures. I really love how the characters strut their poses, expressions and movement despite it being a still figure.

One those amazing sketches. I actually took lots of photos of sketches as reference but because I'm short and it's hard to take pictures of framed works so I'll just keep those in my own album lol. This one like the best shot I could get to show you what they had. ^^;

Anyone remembers Wallace and Gromit? I used to have a DVD of the story where they went all the way to the moon to get cheese, haha!

They also had this interactive monitor where you can choose the character you like and change their facial expressions to your liking. There were also monitors where you can change the sea waves and movie lighting and colour mood.

They also talked a lot about the process behind creating an animated film which was really cool. I was especially fascinated by the amount of storyboards each animated film took to be produced. KungFu Panda had 100,000 storyboards which was an insane number!

Peabody & Sherman. That reminds me I haven't watch the movie yet lol ^^:

They also had these amazing landscape structures. Does anyone knows which animation this castle was from? :)

So on the day we went, the Deep Sea exhibition was up too so we decided to buy tickets to access to both galleries. I've heard reviews on the exhibition being really good and that it was about sea creatures. I thought I'd give it a try but then the atmosphere was dark and gloom so it felt like it was on a opposite pole compared to the DreamWorks one. My friend liked the Deep Sea one more but I guess I still prefer happy things and animation.

We actually went over to its gift shop before going to the main exhibition. They had some cool jellyfish inspired display, books about sea creatures, T-shirts and these, what do you call them, divers? It was so expensive, like the clock back there cost 500 SGD.

The exhibition was dark and quiet and gloomy because they featured these preserved dead sea creatures. Ugh. I was so disgusted by some I didn't even want to stay and take another look. These two were the more okay ones so I took pictures just to show my family and friends what I meant bout dead preserved fishes. The first one reminds me of that fish with a bulb in Finding Nemo~

So after I thought I had lost all the happy spells, I saw this Toothless figure at the ticketing lobby and was restored with happiness once again XD

We left the museum and explored around Marina Bay Sands. It was a good day and I had a nice view of the famous hotel BUT sadly I only brought my 50mm lens and couldn't get a full shot of the iconic building. :( I love my 50mm lens a lot but sometimes it just doesn't work well lol

Outside the museum there were so many lily plants. It was so beautiful that I tried to get a shot of it with the museum building included but then again thanks to my lens I couldn't lol :( So lily will do.....

That's all for my short trip to the Singapore Art Science museum. It was really cool but if I don't have a valid reason to visit again I guess I wont be returning since the ticket price is really quite costly for a museum visit. Thank Goodness I have a student pass which gave me $10 discount, I guess they know that I'm a poor student lol :P