September 27, 2015

My taiwanese friend

Last term I had to do street style for my photography assignment. Here's how I interpreted street style, going for a more casual and natural approach with a close friend as my model rather than spotting and snapping fashionistas on the street. It's more comfortable to me to work with close friend or a small group of people. The photos were taken at Tiong Bahru, the hipster district in Singapore where old shop houses are transformed into cafe shops (I have previously blogged about some of the cafes here and here) . It's a popular place for cafe hopping as well as snapping some OOTDs. We both love simple and vintage styles, Uniqlo and Muji are some of our favorite shops in Singapore thus we were able to get the idea of the style easily.

My friend, Cindy, is from Taiwan and we communicate in Mandarin mostly. She's been to Kuala Lumpur and stayed at my place for a week few months ago and I can't wait for the day when I finally visit Taiwan and learn more about the country! I've came across with several Taiwanese in my college so far and most of them are so friendly, down-to-earth and has a unique perspective towards things which I hope to be able to learn from.

It was so fun doing the photoshoot with Cindy that I almost forgot that it was actually a school assignment. We just kept trying things out and laughing at the outcome of some NG shots and later had a great time catching up with each other at one of the cafe nearby. It's funny how we only briefly met during the college orientation last year yet ended up being good friends despite never been in the same class and are both studying very different courses from one another right now.

I could've blogged about this sooner but two weeks ago I was rushing my submissions then last week I went back to KL for a short and rushed holiday with my family. I have stuff I want to blog about but I don't know when I will have the time to do it, hopefully soon or I'll end up dropping the idea again and again. Term 2 starts tomorrow with a presentation first thing in the morning, as if it's saying 'Welcome back to the busy life, you've had enough of a few days break'.
September 13, 2015

Moshi Moshi Nippon Singapore 2015

Last weekend I decided to head down to Scape for Moshi Moshi Nippon festival. I was actually contemplating throughout the week before the event if I should go since I have so much assignments due soon, but no regrets, it was one of the best events I've been to this year. For me it was a refreshing scene as it focused more on trendy Japanese culture and music instead of just another ACG or cosplay convention. Another reason was partly because I wanted to meet my friends who were modelling and cosplaying for the show.

The best part of the event was undoubtedly the stage admission which was free of charge! They had interviews, fashion show, cosplay performances and best of all performances by PCF, Anna Yano, AmiAya and so much more! I brought my DSLR along with me that day but I really didn't know photography was not allowed in the stage area until I had taken way too many shots. Thank goodness I didn't have to delete them or I would've cry for the lack of fond memories post event and the beautiful photos I manage to take.

So happy to meet Ying Tze again since the last time we met at Comic Fiesta 2014. I've always loved her cosplays and her amazing sewing skills. It inspires me to start making costumes for my own cosplays. There were many Love Live cosplays at first, which I'm not crazy over, but was so glad to see Touken Ranbu cosplay afterwards. Sword boy cosplay is so kakkoii~!

Since photography was not allowed, I'll refrain from uploading so much here, but I just want to share this photo of Aya because it made me so happy seeing how this photo turned out to be. Concert photography is really tough, because everything is moving so fast and there's so much people around blocking your shots and you also might have to deal with securities asking you to put down your camera. :(

All the performances that day were so awesome, I might be a little bias for Japanese but they are really really good! PCF's performance really hyped up the area and I had such a great time humming along the famous tunes (Moonlight Densetsu) they performed with and their lightstick dance was truly fascinating. I also finally get to see Anna Yano who was so cute and pretty! AmiAya's performance rocked the house, I mean I had to search them up on Youtube post event and reloop their songs because they just gained a new fan *v* I knew about them from magazines but never got to listen to their music so hearing their songs live was just too good to describe.

After the shows, I went around the tents outside to check out the booths. Anna Yano was having an autograph and photo session but I didn't have anything for her to sign so I just stood there admiring her kawaii-ness and took this photo. The fan in this photo was so happy to see her, he went all the way in front during her performance just to cheer her up. He was also the first to get in line to meet her during the autograph session, such dedication!

AmiAya was at this Japanese food booth serving FREE miso soup. Free miso soup sounds good enough already and it was AmiAya personally serving you the soup?! What more can I ask for??? *fangirls* I was so shy at first but I didn't want to miss out the opportunity so I took up my courage and lined up to meet them close up. They are so pretty both on stage and off stage! It still makes me smile when I remember Aya told me 'Nice hair!', I mean it's such a simple compliment but hearing it from her was what made the difference.

I lingered around the booths a little while more before going over to Cineleisure to meet my friend, Hermes who was having dinner at Mos Burger with Ying Tze, Angie and a few other friends of theirs. Sadly I only got to greet Kelly and Tora-chan at the stage area but I'm happy enough to just see them up there. ^^ The other best part of the event other than all the fangirling was to meet my friends who loves Japanese culture like me. I wish I have more friends who share the same interest as me, then I can talk about it all day long, haha!

Meeting these Japanese models made me feel a little closer in meeting more Harajuku models, especially Seto Ayumi which I really look up to. I'm still waiting for the day when I finally meet her, I think I might be too happy to say anything lol. She's my favourite and I just love her style, inspiration source and burger adventures. I am planning to visit Japan in near future to finally grasp the real thing in front of my eyes. I've always loved the pictures, videos and stories I've heard from others' travels to Japan but I've never actually been there even though I'm so much influenced by it. That's why I really want to visit Japan to affirm my curiosity and see what the land of rising sun really is like.