July 15, 2015

My room in Malaysia

So a while ago I mentioned that I'm going to do a room tour after I got my stuff sorted out but I didn't do so until a month later so sorry for the delay... m(_ _)m It's been a month then but at least I kept my promise and finally got it done lol. I was back in Malaysia early of May and my built in waredrobe only got fixed early of June. My family moved in last December after Christmas so my stuff here in Malaysia has been kept in boxes for approximately half a year.

I guess after living abroad for so long, when you come home to your stuff you sometimes forgets what are those things you kept in boxes and eventually you'll donate most of them away or throw some stuff out because you don't know what to do with them anymore. Right now I'm living a few months in Singapore then occasionally coming back to Malaysia and all these traveling back and forth has taught me to buy lesser things and own lesser things. Lately I also realized that I like to keep things stored away than displaying them because mom no longer cleans my room for me lol (and I have to clean my room myself in Singapore) When there's less visible clutter the room looks cleaner and it's easier to clean surfaces.

The video was filmed after I came home from shopping, on that day that I bothered to dress up and look well. Holidays has made me so lazy that if I am not going anywhere fancy I'll wear simple clothes and T-shirt and jeans and when I am not meeting anyone or staying at home the whole day my 'OOTD' is basically what I wore last night to sleep and the cycle continues for days AHAHAHAHA XD Because lesser change of clothes equals to lesser laundry to be done. I'm so disgusting :P

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