July 13, 2015

Hestia Photoshoot with Chelses

I guess this is one of the most fun experience I had this holiday, that was to Saikang (assistant) my friend Chelses's Hestia cosplay photoshoot and meeting Shin from Moon Art Studios and Eclair who's a veteran cosplayer. I've never done a cosplay photoshoot other than on the day of the event that sort, and have never assisted in any so I was really excited to learn about what goes on behind the scenes. It was an opportunity to learn the process of a cosplay photoshoot and some photography tips at the same time.

I've always been interested in photography but other than self experiments I've never really got much exposure to get to know more about how it's like outside my own bubble lol. Many thanks to Chelses for willing to let me tag along and open up some doors for me, please check out her Facebook page, she's a really cute and nice cosplayer ^^

For this Hestia photoshoot, we met up at 9am and traveled to Shah Alam which is another town to shoot at Hotel de Art which is an art themed hotel. It took so long from my house to the location and once we arrived we were told that the room the manager reserved for us to do the photoshoot was occupied and we had to delay it till 1pm. Which was terrible as we wasted few hours at a Mcdonalds nearby...

Once we got the room Chelses realized she left her wig cap at home lol but luckily Eclair who's having her photoshoot at a later time was able to get her a wig cap and saved the day XD The Hestia outfit which looked really cute was actually a nightmare to put on. With so little fabric there was so much taping to secure the outfit which you won't be able to see in photos lol :P

The themed room was pretty gorgeous although it was so small in size but we still managed to get the photoshoot done in that small space.

Some fresh apples prop that Shin prepared for the photoshoot. He also brought carpet and fabrics that could be used in the photoshoot. I learned that to get great photos you really need to plan ahead prepare some props and extra materials that might help out with the final outcome. :D

By the way, Shin was using Sony mirrorless camera for his photos so I got to try out with some lenses *v* I love the 35mm and 50mm lenses which made the photos look so pretty! I was really impressed when he managed to get many good images that day with a similar camera to mine and it motivated me to experiment shots with my camera more! :D

Photo credit to Shin

Other than the usual hair flick and assisting the photographer with the lighting, what made this photoshoot different was assisting Chelses in getting her Hestia ribbon in place, haha! We had to retie the ribbon for different poses or it'll be too lose or tight for her to pose it.

Photo credit to Shin

Shin photographed while I helped her with her blue ribbon and it looks really funny lol when you see behind the scenes shots like these because they look like some S&M stuff going on haha!

Photo credit to Shin

This picture was even funnier which Eclair fixing the ribbons in place while I tie the ribbon for her. Just look at the placement of those fingers ufufufufu :3

Chelses was looking really cute as Hestia during the photoshoot. The character suited her well and she's planning to sell her photos soon. We've got many nice shots that day so I'm looking forward to her printed photos! So glad to be part of this! :D

Eclair had her Luna photoshoot after Chelses was done and she looked really pretty with the wig and that dress *v* The photoshoot was a little easier compared to Hestia's and she was good in posing too. It was fun helping out with her photoshoot too~

This year I'm planning to get a cosplay outfit done in time for Comic Fiesta and this time, hopefully I'll be able to succeed in my attempt to get a costume done from scratch by myself. Previous cosplays I had a tailor to sew my costumes and bought some online, but this time I really want to get my hands on creating something I love and be proud of it, hehe. Once my school term starts I'll be learning some sewing skills which hopefully I'll be able to apply them in creating my first cosplay costume. I won't be announcing what character here for now but I'll try to remember to take some process pictures lol ^^; It gives me a goal to look forward to aside from grinding assignments in college which I think is a good thing hehe~

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