July 15, 2015

My room in Malaysia

So a while ago I mentioned that I'm going to do a room tour after I got my stuff sorted out but I didn't do so until a month later so sorry for the delay... m(_ _)m It's been a month then but at least I kept my promise and finally got it done lol. I was back in Malaysia early of May and my built in waredrobe only got fixed early of June. My family moved in last December after Christmas so my stuff here in Malaysia has been kept in boxes for approximately half a year.

I guess after living abroad for so long, when you come home to your stuff you sometimes forgets what are those things you kept in boxes and eventually you'll donate most of them away or throw some stuff out because you don't know what to do with them anymore. Right now I'm living a few months in Singapore then occasionally coming back to Malaysia and all these traveling back and forth has taught me to buy lesser things and own lesser things. Lately I also realized that I like to keep things stored away than displaying them because mom no longer cleans my room for me lol (and I have to clean my room myself in Singapore) When there's less visible clutter the room looks cleaner and it's easier to clean surfaces.

The video was filmed after I came home from shopping, on that day that I bothered to dress up and look well. Holidays has made me so lazy that if I am not going anywhere fancy I'll wear simple clothes and T-shirt and jeans and when I am not meeting anyone or staying at home the whole day my 'OOTD' is basically what I wore last night to sleep and the cycle continues for days AHAHAHAHA XD Because lesser change of clothes equals to lesser laundry to be done. I'm so disgusting :P
July 13, 2015

Hestia Photoshoot with Chelses

I guess this is one of the most fun experience I had this holiday, that was to Saikang (assistant) my friend Chelses's Hestia cosplay photoshoot and meeting Shin from Moon Art Studios and Eclair who's a veteran cosplayer. I've never done a cosplay photoshoot other than on the day of the event that sort, and have never assisted in any so I was really excited to learn about what goes on behind the scenes. It was an opportunity to learn the process of a cosplay photoshoot and some photography tips at the same time.

I've always been interested in photography but other than self experiments I've never really got much exposure to get to know more about how it's like outside my own bubble lol. Many thanks to Chelses for willing to let me tag along and open up some doors for me, please check out her Facebook page, she's a really cute and nice cosplayer ^^

For this Hestia photoshoot, we met up at 9am and traveled to Shah Alam which is another town to shoot at Hotel de Art which is an art themed hotel. It took so long from my house to the location and once we arrived we were told that the room the manager reserved for us to do the photoshoot was occupied and we had to delay it till 1pm. Which was terrible as we wasted few hours at a Mcdonalds nearby...

Once we got the room Chelses realized she left her wig cap at home lol but luckily Eclair who's having her photoshoot at a later time was able to get her a wig cap and saved the day XD The Hestia outfit which looked really cute was actually a nightmare to put on. With so little fabric there was so much taping to secure the outfit which you won't be able to see in photos lol :P

The themed room was pretty gorgeous although it was so small in size but we still managed to get the photoshoot done in that small space.

Some fresh apples prop that Shin prepared for the photoshoot. He also brought carpet and fabrics that could be used in the photoshoot. I learned that to get great photos you really need to plan ahead prepare some props and extra materials that might help out with the final outcome. :D

By the way, Shin was using Sony mirrorless camera for his photos so I got to try out with some lenses *v* I love the 35mm and 50mm lenses which made the photos look so pretty! I was really impressed when he managed to get many good images that day with a similar camera to mine and it motivated me to experiment shots with my camera more! :D

Photo credit to Shin

Other than the usual hair flick and assisting the photographer with the lighting, what made this photoshoot different was assisting Chelses in getting her Hestia ribbon in place, haha! We had to retie the ribbon for different poses or it'll be too lose or tight for her to pose it.

Photo credit to Shin

Shin photographed while I helped her with her blue ribbon and it looks really funny lol when you see behind the scenes shots like these because they look like some S&M stuff going on haha!

Photo credit to Shin

This picture was even funnier which Eclair fixing the ribbons in place while I tie the ribbon for her. Just look at the placement of those fingers ufufufufu :3

Chelses was looking really cute as Hestia during the photoshoot. The character suited her well and she's planning to sell her photos soon. We've got many nice shots that day so I'm looking forward to her printed photos! So glad to be part of this! :D

Eclair had her Luna photoshoot after Chelses was done and she looked really pretty with the wig and that dress *v* The photoshoot was a little easier compared to Hestia's and she was good in posing too. It was fun helping out with her photoshoot too~

This year I'm planning to get a cosplay outfit done in time for Comic Fiesta and this time, hopefully I'll be able to succeed in my attempt to get a costume done from scratch by myself. Previous cosplays I had a tailor to sew my costumes and bought some online, but this time I really want to get my hands on creating something I love and be proud of it, hehe. Once my school term starts I'll be learning some sewing skills which hopefully I'll be able to apply them in creating my first cosplay costume. I won't be announcing what character here for now but I'll try to remember to take some process pictures lol ^^; It gives me a goal to look forward to aside from grinding assignments in college which I think is a good thing hehe~
July 12, 2015

Summer 2015 anime

Most spring anime are over now, with only a few leftovers like Denpa Kyoushi, Shokugeki no Soma and World Trigger (In fact World Trigger was from Winter 2014 lol). Summer anime has just began airing and I'm pretty excited with the new titles this season! There are a few that already got me hooked after watching its first episode so hopefully this list of mine will get you introduced to some new anime :D

God Eater | ゴッドイーター

God Eater is a game turned anime. I've never played the game personally, but I heard good reviews on it and my friends are fans of it. I haven't start watching it but I have pretty high expectations for its graphic and visual art. But of course, a good storyboard will be even better so I shall see about that hehe~

Gakkou Gurashi | がっこうぐらし

This anime looks like a typical cutesy genre but you can't always judge a book by its cover. It started airing a little later than other anime this season so I've only watched episode 1 so far but at the end of the episode it turns out the setting of the story is in a zombie apocalypse while these girls survived and stays at their school for refuge. The main character, Yuki, seems to be in a delusional world where she still thinks that the world is still peaceful. The starting of the episode is already interesting so far and I hope it'll turn out well ^^

Classroom Crisis | クラスルームクライシス

Perhaps summer anime revolves around school life, but here's another school life anime added to my list. (There are still a few more anime on school life on my list below) This anime reminds me of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu where these students are not your everyday-ordinary-students. They are highly intellectual and gifted, however, their class is being shut down due to their overspending on resources and funds on their projects.

Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri | ゲート 自衛隊 彼の地にて、斯く戦えり

Gate is an anime about an otaku who works in the self-defense army because he only wants to earn money for his hobby. One day, a mysterious gate appears and a whole army from a different dimension invaded the city and caused deaths and destruction. As part of the self-defense army, Yoji was sent to the other dimension to investigate the foreign world and the story revolves around the adventures he experience in this fantasy world.


Gangsta. has got to be one of my favourite this season for its unique style and storyboard. As the title says, this anime is about the backstreet alleys and gangs of the area. Worick and Nicolas are the main characters here along with a prostitute whom they saved named Alex. The series started off really great and after watching episode 2 it's definitely on my list this season. :D I really recommend this anime because it's so good, but it might not be as suitable for younger age as it involves violence and vulgar. ^^;

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace | 乱歩奇譚 Game of Laplace

Ranpo Kitan started off really cool with its mysterious, horror and gore, which is the type of anime that gets me hooked. It's weird when I tell people I enjoy this type of anime, but all these anime like High School of the Dead, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Shiki, Another and many more are just so freaking cool! And I love to watch them at night because it adds on to the mood hehe :P The first episode was pretty good except the main character which was supposed to be a guy, resembles and sounds so much like a girl that it gets really confusing sometimes when you forget that she is supposed to be a he. I mean Nagisa from Ansatsu Kyoushitsu was a little similar but at least his voice and movements were still a little more boyish and I was comfortable with his character. But over here it's a little too much for me plus in episode 2 the mystery solving part wasn't as convincing to me. I'm thinking of giving it 1 more episode before I decide if I'll continue watching this series.

Prison School|監獄学園

When the trailer for Prison School came out I was so so so excited, because I read the manga updates regularly and this series is just so good! It gets a little pervy, with 5 guys in a previously all-girls school but the characters are so funny that makes it not just an ecchi manga but a comedic one. Just watched episode 1 yesterday and it was hilarious! Although they shorten some scenes but the story was still great and it's cool to finally see the characters animated and being voiced. I'm not sure where they plan to animate the manga till, but I wanna see Kiyoshi x Hana scenes and their bottle scene lol! XD

So far I've been spending my 3 months holiday watching anime, playing League of Legends and drawing. My holiday is coming to an end soon but I hope I'll still have time to satisfy my anime cravings when school starts. It gets lonely a lot of times when I'm working on my projects late night so it's nice to just watch anime and get my projects done at the same time to distract myself from the loneliness... I'm so sad that I'm going back to Singapore in less than 20 days! :(