June 9, 2015

CAFKL 2015

It's been a while again since I blogged since I haven't got much blog worthy contents to post till I went to CAFKL over the weekend with my best friend, Angel. I've been spending my holidays so far sleeping in (my day doesn't start until it's past noon :X), having good food, watching anime and drama and drawing. That said, I've always been interested in manga art but even as an art student I still can't draw manga art that well... (._.;)

CAFKL was an interesting experience as it focuses solely on comic art thus this event was cosplay-free so attendees can focus on the artwork itself rather than flashy cosplays. The event was held at PGRM, a relatively small space but sufficient enough for the booths and attendees to enjoy themselves and have a good look at the various artworks sold. On the same weekend, C2age was held too but Angel and I opted for this event since it's only 5 minutes drive from my house and we wanted to check out a comic art market because we always end up not buying any doujins at conventions as we were too occupied with the things happening around us.

As soon as we got in, Apple Crumble booth caught our eye with its amazing and colourful artworks, and not to mention those huge sword boys artworks *v* We ended up buying prints from them both days and I got myself that Jiji print in warm colour tone. They had prints in both warm and cool tone which was great so you can choose your own preference. I couldn't miss out on Jiji because he came to me out of the blue thus this was like a token of appreciation for him hahahahaha XD There are so many more sword boys I love and I kept fangirling over them with Angel since we both play Touken Ranbu. ^^

On day 1 we went pretty early since we had to buy tickets on the spot but that wasn't really of a concern since there wasn't much queue throughout the day so you can easily get your tickets anytime. Plus, since the event is rather small, so there are people going in and out so the hall wasn't really pack like usual convention booths.

Some booths focused on a few major fandom artworks like Touken Ranbu, Love Live and League of Legends but some like this one had many different artworks of various series. They even had Summer Wars which is a really awesome anime movie. I got a pack of Totoro stickers from them which was too cute to resist. I have a thing for anime stickers so I was constantly on the lookout for them~

A very cute Jiji the cat spotted! :D

There were lots of booths doing commission artworks. I wanted to commission an artwork but I couldn't figure out whose artwork to commission from and which character I wanted them to draw. Although I secretly wanted the whole cast of Touken Danshi, but that's not going to happen with the number of sword boys there were lol :X Nevertheless, I enjoyed looking around commissioned artworks and artists working their skills on amazing sketches and quick watercolour painting.

Another one of my favourite booth, Osugatari. For me, sometimes it's not the artworks that attract me to that particular booth, but the smiles and the friendliness of the booth owners that sparks conversation, even if it's all about fangirling and such. It reminds you again that the community is a fun place to be! :D

More cute artworks around and Angel got herself this Sakura X Mikorin print from the series Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. It's a good series and you should really check it out if you haven't~

CAFKL was a fun event and a new experience for me. It was my first time attending a comic art market and what made it even better was spending the weekend with my best friend. After the art market we ended up gaming League of Legends at my house and had lots of fun laughing and shouting over the game. I really wish to be able to spend more time with my friends here in Malaysia before I head back to Singapore. It's less than 2 months till college reopens and I'm already starting to feel sad that I'll be leaving this place of comfort however, I do realized that being so comfortable makes me unproductive which is not a good thing after all (._.)

Anyways, my room is getting its built-in-waredrobe done right now so hopefully I'll be able to a room tour once I'm done getting my stuff in place! :D Can you believe I had all my stuff in moving boxes for half a year? XD I'm so happy to finally get my things out of them!